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  1. It goes without saying, but now you made me say it, dammit.
  2. No one was on your lawn. You're just seeing things.
  3. By trading away vets that would have helped the Sabres stay out of the bottom.
  4. That's what is called the "universal scoring position".
  5. Jimmy Spagnola Jr, getting ready for the Joisy version of "Home Alone".
  6. Depends upon what you're going to do with it.
  7. There's medicine for that.
  8. Freddie is probably the best nickname. If you want to make it shorter, spell it Freddy or even Fred.
  9. If I was a truly evil person I'd bring this up (Kaspiritis at his finest):
  10. I heard the Sabres were looking at Ville Leino for their #2 Center next year.
  11. Do you have the "Hotline" number? I can see that you are not kidding about your "location" in Bongcloud.
  12. Watching the Caps--Canes game last night I caught myself thinking that I wanted a team like the Canes that played like their hair was on fire, especially in OT. Their effort was outstanding and as much as I have disliked them for the last dozen years or so, I felt it would be a travesty if that effort didn't end in a win. The head coach needs to be a leader that inspires. Game planning and in-game adjustments are of course important, but pale in comparison to all out effort. If only we could insert Ted Nolan's heart and Scotty Bowman's brain into our new coach. Ted Bowman is on my wish list.
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