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  1. She never said anything about running with a knife. It was scissors that she warned me about.
  2. ERod was compared to a Swiss Army Knife. GASabreFan ad libbed his well rehearsed comment regarding A French Military Knife consisting of a corkscrew, fork and white flag. I made a perfectly appropriate and immensely funny comment along the same lines and off we went.
  3. You are the one who took this from a little lighthearted joking around to making it political. There's a place for your political commentary and that is not here. It's called PPP (Politics Polls and Pundits) and can be found as a sub forum at TSW.
  4. Why are French roads tree-lined? Because the Germans prefer to march in the shade.
  5. Take one of our puck moving great passing defensemen and teach them to become a center.
  6. Deep inside he probably wants to go for 50.
  7. It goes without saying, but now you made me say it, dammit.
  8. No one was on your lawn. You're just seeing things.
  9. By trading away vets that would have helped the Sabres stay out of the bottom.
  10. That's what is called the "universal scoring position".
  11. Jimmy Spagnola Jr, getting ready for the Joisy version of "Home Alone".
  12. Depends upon what you're going to do with it.
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