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  1. He was only on the ice for the FO. He was immediately replaced by Rino.
  2. Hey, he was an All Star once. If only we could get him back to that level of play again. -)
  3. Too early to give up on Mitts. Send him to Rochester and stress gaining muscle.
  4. Don Luce's 1976 series clinching goal against St. Louis. I was up in the Oranges looking down between my knees. John Shumate of the Braves landing on my lap while diving for a ball. Two seats next to the cameraman at center ice first row of the reds. Seeing Bobby Orr play in person. Having the best beef on weck in the Aud Club.
  5. My one hand would get numb holding the steering wheel.
  6. Sounds like when I got a pinched nerve from using a nail gun for days at a time.
  7. The rules at the time dictated the tank since we were guaranteed either #1 or #2 by finishing last. If there was only one "generational player" then tanking would be a crapshoot.
  8. No one here has mentioned how well they closed out the game last night. For the last 5 minutes or so they mainly kept the puck in Ottawa's zone. Even with the goalie pulled Ottawa didn't look dangerous.
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