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  1. He did address it in a way that he thought would fit their plan. So far it looks like he didn't do a very good job. Let's hope that when Comrie gets back that he'll have a full compliment of defensemen and the team continues to play like they have in the last 4 games. Something has to happen with the 3rd line. The other 3 lines appear to work really well with each other and breaking them up to change the 3rd line might cause more problems than keeping them together and limiting their minutes.
  2. I think the Sabres have a top notch core with a high ceiling. The pipeline is full and if they all turn into the players that people hope for then the Sabres will have more players than positions for them. I think right now they are evaluating who will be their future core. If that premise holds true then they'll most likely have to trade 1,2 or 3 of them for a star or two. I heard somewhere today that Adams has indicated that he might have done some evaluations and a move could be in the cards. We need some better goaltending and a defenseman or two. I would venture to guess that he's going to try to make some improvements but in no way will he mortgage the future to do so.
  3. Not yet but he certainly needs to work on his game and improve or he'll be riding the bus to games. I remember when Ryan Miller first played for the Sabres and performed poorly. The guy was basically in tears after a game. It was good that the team didn't give up on him. Will UPL become a GT like him? I doubt it but until Comrie comes back there aren't a lot of options. Maybe GMKA can find one in a trade but I'd guess he's been trying that and the cost is too high.
  4. You know what's funny? You are calling someone else ignorant and misspelling you're. As far as stating that the games are fixed you should name the people that you are stating that have come out and said so. i personally believe that good teams and star players tend to often get the benefit of the doubt. Look at how Tom Brady was protected by the officials and got enough roughing the passer calls that made defensive players a little timid. As far as some big conspiracy theories regarding fixing scores or games you must be nuts to think that wouldn't be found out considering the amount of people who would have to be involved.
  5. Yes, he did deserve that but Tampa deserved an additional one for mugging UPL during the scrum. There were other obvious ones during the game that Tampa got away with. As someone else posted earlier it is rather odd that the team that was basically dominating play would get way more penalties than the team that had a hard time keeping up with the Sabres.
  6. I think the poster that I was responding to was referring to the whole team. That's what I took from his post and was answering. Do you want to answer that?
  7. In the scrum at the net in which Dahlin got the penalty for roughing, while he was down on the other guy a Tampa player came in and gave UPL a shot to the face. No question that it was a penalty.
  8. Yes Buffalo could use help in goal. Who are the rookies, cheap pickups and old geezers who are playing?
  9. I didn't know much about Jost before we picked him up but he looks like a great 4th liner. He must have some offensive skills too since he as a forward was a #8 overall pick.
  10. No, I've always appreciated his efforts. After all, there was one year in which he was our only All-Star.
  11. Our 4th line or whatever you might want to call it could be a first line if they could finish. #28 has looked good like he usually does but I think if he had 20 breakaways he might score once. Love that line's tenacity though.
  12. The story on Quinn is that at every level he moves up it takes him a while to acclimate and then he excels. Just hope that continues.
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