Weber fighting for a job


‘In 46 games Weber is -20 this season while last season he was a +13. Ruff isn’t big on plus/minus, but when it gets to this point he said, “I think minus-20, it is what it is. It means you’re not on for enough goals for and you’re on for way too many against.” Weber said, “I’m one of those guys, I’m not going to lie to you I lose some sleep over it, but the sun comes up the next day. The great thing about hockey is you play so much you don’t have much time to dwell on it, you got to refocus and turn your energy to the next game. It’s little things that I continue to work on in practice and just try to make it a routine and a habit and making sure I’m solid so the plus/minus you can’t worry about. It’s one of those things that goes up and down and last year I’m sure there were some pluses I shouldn’t of had and this year there are some minus I shouldn’t have so it’s a weird stat.”’