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Sabre Bashers Need not apply

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I joined this forum because there is only three other Sabres fans within 100 miles of me. It reminded me of a bunch of paople all rooting for the same team sitting at a bar sharing their opinions. Some may have stronger opinions then others, some may be looking at it from a fan/never played position, some from an ex-player (on any level), some from a coached (on some level) outlook, whatever, but sharing their opinions. If we all agreed with each other, or saw things the same, this forum would be real boring, wouldn't it? If someone gives an opinion AND his reason for having it, why make personal attacks on him? If he says something and doesn't give a reason, by all means ask. To simply argue for the sake of arguing is nuts (and makes everyone else have to scroll through the crap to get to the Sabres info. Without having been able to get Empire until after Hasek was traded, I only know of his play (outstanding) and his contributions to youth hockey in the Buffalo area - i had heard it was over 1 mil. So my view of him is going to be alot different than those of you who heard him make statements at his departure.


You all were very helpful on my last trip to Buffalo with ideas of where to visit, etc... no one ripped anyone on their thoughts of restaurants, why can't we all accept others views on players/coaches/GMs? Maybe it's just the holiday season getting into me, but I believe an 18 yr old, a 28 yr old and a 38 yr old are all going to see things differently. If you can't find something in someones post to agree with or get something out of, just skip the post.

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