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  1. AHL has always had bad ref. L.V. has been having a bad year - so hopefully this will come out well. (I go to Hershey games as well (both here and in Hershey - I enjoyed wearing the chocolate and white when the bears beat the fantums. (My jersey is the throw back to early/mid 80's when Edwards was in net for the Bears...) Aside from a Ranger fan, I think everyone else I work with is a pumpkin head
  2. Really hoping they play well tonight. I only get to see them once a year - and the bragging rights would be nice! Hate the Fantums
  3. Wow - I remember Adirondack being the red wings affiliate - mid 80's maybe? I just root against everything Philly - The local coverage is so awful it actually turned me against them years ago.
  4. Many years ago I was helped by members of this forum when I would take my kids to Buffalo for games. Places to eat, Stay, park etc..If anyone is making the trip to see the Amerks game 1/18, and needs/wants any info - please let me know. I would like to return the favor if I can. As well as know my daughter and I won't be the only ones in the arena rooting against the pumkins.
  5. In Allentown (PA) - we would only get national games, Phlyer, Ranger and Islander games in the '80s. I used to record them. The Ranger game right after the Challenger blew up, Sue Britton did God Bless America. Showed it to my daughters a little while ago. Still gives goose bumps.
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