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What would you advise TP to do?

What would you do if you were advising TP?  

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  1. 1. OK, TP calls you and says he needs advice on fixing the Sabres. What would you tell him?

    • Wait until the end of the season, soberly evaluate the situation, and decide at that point.
    • Do not fire JB now, but immediately find and hire a Lamoriello type as hockey czar, with the czar in charge of overseeing and evaluating JB, and if necessary finding JB's replacement.
    • Immediately fire JB and hire a Lamoriello type as hockey czar, with the czar in charge of finding a new GM and overseeing the GM thereafter.
    • Immediately fire JB and name RK as hockey czar, so RK is in charge of finding a new GM and overseeing the GM thereafter.
    • Immediately fire JB and hire a replacement GM with experience and a good track record, so the new GM has the rest of this season to evaluate the team and plan for the offseason.
  2. 2. TP then asks you why things seem to be working out for the Bills but not the Sabres. How do you explain it? (You can choose more than 1 factor here.)

    • TP chose the right top guy to build and lead the franchise for the Bills in McD, but whiffed twice for the Sabres in TM and JB.
    • The Sabres tanked and the Bills didn't, so the Sabres had a much higher mountain to climb, both in terms of reconstructing the team and in shedding the loser mindset..
    • The Bills' roster has been constructed to find guys who play with heart and togetherness, but the Sabres' roster has not.
    • The Sabres have given big contracts to, and haven't unloaded, guys who either don't produce (Leino, Moulson, KO) or don't provide leadership (Ehrhoff, ROR, Eichel), while the Bills have dumped guys like that (Dareus, McCoy, Watkins).
    • The Sabres have made a number of bad trades in which they've parted with valuable assets and not gotten much back (Lehner, E. Kane, ROR), while the Bills haven't done so.
    • The Bills have a better home-field advantage than the Sabres do because football crowds are naturally bigger and louder than hockey crowds.
  3. 3. TP then asks you, a passionate Sabres fan, whether he should sell the team. What do you say?

    • Yes
    • No

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How about show up for a few @#$%^! games IN PERSON.  He should be in the building for a game like today, so he can see how bad things have gotten....so many Leaf fans present...he should see/hear all this and hopefully be embarrassed by how many there are in his own team's barn.

Showing up for the Bills game is Dallas seems to be worth his time, but I question if he cares that much about the Sabres.  How about being present more so that the team and the fans can see that he gives a @#$%!

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On 11/27/2019 at 11:00 AM, PASabreFan said:

Nice post and poll, nfreeman. I had to chuckle though. I've been writing this kind of stuff for over eight years! I'm not really sure I even have to post any thoughts, since everyone knows them by now. In summary, hire good people and get out of the way. TaroT is still waiting for a faceoff to Dom's left, and I'm still waiting for Terry to do those two simple things. I'm honestly not sure which of us will see our dream come true first.

Suggestions: you and Kim go sit in the spots in KBC akin to where the Knoxes sat at the Aud. It would be a strong signal that we're with the fans, not up top with the VIPs, and we're not meddling, at least not during the game. (Does Terry still not text?) Also, getting out of the way doesn't mean being invisible to your staff and players. Do what John Rigas did a few times. Go stand by the bench during the anthems. Then am-scray. Like the Knoxes, pop in the dressing room after a big win or, as Rob said the Knoxes were famous for, after a big loss. (Terry may already do the latter, of course.)

Finally, wrap your mind around what to do if this season is officially in the dumpster. I like the idea of making a move before the end of the season, in order to fast-forward the fixes. But at the very least, take TaroT's advice and form that advisory committee. I always thought Scotty Bowman would be a great person to call on. This time, if it comes to it, please — don't rely on the NHL offices or Jim ***** Rutherford.

Bowman was my 1st Choice, but he's been an advisor to the Hawks since Stan took over the GM reins there.  Doubt he's available to help the Sabres too.  Figured Meehan would be an adequate substitute for that role.

And agree that the NHL Office is NOT our source to figure this out.

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