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  1. The Sabres get right back up on that horse in the last contest before the Christmas break. Not sure what happened last night (it's early), but saw a 2 -1 score for the Caps. Lets get these guys. MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!! +++++ 'This is what you wanted. This is what you're going to get' Aaayyyyyy Oohh!!
  2. This is what you wanted. This is what you're going to get. Aayyyyyyy Ooh!! +++++ MUST WIN!! MUST GO SABRES!! MUST STOP OV!! I would have Girgs and Larry stapled to OV in an attempt to try to do the third must item. Stay out of the box and that would help. Stay away from that Wilson punk and no one will get hurt. Let's hope that no one does.
  3. Let's see if the Sabres can avenge their OT loss a couple weeks ago against the Panthers. Buffalo is heating up again, taking 7 out of their last 8 points. If they're a real playoff team they need to knock of middling teams like this. The Panthers are beginning a four-game road trip. … Florida (12-13-6) is looking to gain ground in the Eastern Conference wild-card standings. … The Panthers are eight points out of a playoff spot. … Florida beat Buffalo in overtime, 3-2, at home on Nov. 30. … The Sabres (20-9-5) are coming off a 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins. … Buffalo has won three of its past four. … Jack Eichel leads the team with 45 points (14 goals, 31 assists). … Jeff Skinner has 35 points, (24 goals, 11 assists), while Sam Reinhart has 32 (eight goals, 24 assists). GO SABRES!
  4. MUST WIN!! Our pretty hot again Sabres travel to DC for a tilt with the defending champs. The Caps are plying well after a bit of a hangover from last spring. It will be a good test for both teams, I hope. The key to a Sabres victory ... score more goals. Yup. I don't care how many and when and how. Just more. I think it's on TV of some sort? None of the letters make any sense to me ... NBC (and then a whole bunch more). GO SABRES!!
  5. For the first time ever I am the only member signed on this fine morning. +++++ This is what you wanted ... this is what you are going to get ... Aaaaayyyyyyyy, Oh!! Our beloved Sabres are taking on the most dastardly Flyers, AKA Cryers, in a nooner in Buffalo. The Sabres are a bit dull at the moment with 4 Ls since the 10 game W streak that had visions of cusps, at least, dancing in the fans heads, but are still way further ahead than anyone expected this season. Firmly in a playoff spot at this point and most importantly playing fun, entertaining and good hockey most of the time. The Flyers have not been playing well lately, but always seem to get it going in games against the Sabres. That won't happen today. I expect a blow out win for the Sabres ... 6 - 2 ... and it will not be as close as it appears on the scoreboard. My hatred of the Flyers (who will not be the most dastardly in a few days when we play the equally dastardly Bruins, who will become the most dastardly on that day ... the two teams are interchangeable) knows no bounds. They all are, but his one really is a must win. I don't care how it looks. I think the game is on SN nationally in Canada, MSG and NBC, as well. Of course, it will be on a radio, or satellite, near you. LETS GO BUFFALO!! MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!!
  6. Thanks to our fan in Baltimore who is up with the crows for getting us up and going last night in Nashville, but I will give this a go ... I know many Sabres fans hate Toronto, but my hatred is all encompassing for The Great Satan. My hockey hatred is saved for others. JUST WIN, BABY!! I don't care how it looks. MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!!
  7. The Sabres make their way acrost and down the state of Florida for a tilt with the Panthers. Let's start a new streak guys. We will see what these guys have on a back-to-back after a tough loss. I would think that we shall see Ullie. Not sure of TV, but I am sure it will be on a radio, or satellite, near you. MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!!
  8. 'This is what you wanted! This is what you're going to get'! These guys don't scare me at all. WE WANT 11!! MUST WIN!!!!! GO SABRES!!
  9. Tonight marks the return of E. Kane to Buffalo and he is bringing that other Swedish Dman with him. No matter we have our own studly Dman from Sweden. For the first time in forever I am looking forward to every single Sabre game. Lets beat E. Kane and the rest of those Guppies from Northern California. Rules (?) Lineups (?) TV (?) Radio (check) MUST WIN!! ... WE WANT 10!! GO SABRES!!
  10. Second attempt at this and not as pretty as others. I imagine Scandella is in and wouldn’t be surprised if Linus gets the start. A 10-10-2 Red Wings would be a nice chance for our backup to get some action and a deserved rest for Hutton. The Sabres are the leagues hottest team and surpassing everyone’s expectations notably those of their fans. If you have updated lines please share. Go Sabres! LW C RW JEFF SKINNER Rating: 80.3#9 LW JACK EICHEL Rating: 80.7#15 C JASON POMINVILLE Rating: 75.2#32 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 78.75#15 FL1 CONOR SHEARY Rating: 71.9#83 LW CASEY MITTELSTADT Rating: 71.5#125 C KYLE OKPOSO Rating: 72.5#72 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 71.96#30 FL2 TAGE THOMPSON Rating: 69.7#120 LW VLADIMIR SOBOTKA Rating: 68.9#175 C SAM REINHART Rating: 75.2#48 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.26#23 FL3 ZEMGUS GIRGENSONS Rating: 69.7#162 LW JOHAN LARSSON Rating: 68.5#140 C EVAN RODRIGUES Rating: 72.4#74 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 70.20#22 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS JAKE MCCABE Rating: 72.4#55 LD RASMUS RISTOLAINEN Rating: 75.5#27 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 73.97#17 DL1 RASMUS DAHLIN Rating: 73.4#43 LD ZACH BOGOSIAN Rating: 70.9#83 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 72.11#26 DL2 NATHAN BEAULIEU Rating: 71.2#91 LD CASEY NELSON Rating: 70.4#89 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 70.81#24 DL3 GOALIES CARTER HUTTON Rating: 78.7#7 G1 LINUS ULLMARK Rating: 72.8#31 LW C RW JUSTIN ABDELKADER Rating: 69.4#128 LW DYLAN LARKIN Rating: 77.4#32 C ANTHONY MANTHA Rating: 74.1#39 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 73.65#29 FL1 GUSTAV NYQUIST Rating: 74.0#63 LW FRANS NIELSEN Rating: 72.2#106 C ANDREAS ATHANASIOU Rating: 77.1#36 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 74.41#14 FL2 TYLER BERTUZZI Rating: 72.1#80 LW LUKE GLENDENING Rating: 69.5#165 C MICHAEL RASMUSSEN Rating: 73.1#54 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.57#17 FL3 THOMAS VANEK Rating: 72.9#57 LW JACOB DE LA ROSE Rating: 68.7#177 C CHRISTOFFER EHN Rating: 72.9#58 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 71.47#8 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS TREVOR DALEY Rating: 70.7#103 LD MIKE GREEN Rating: 74.8#30 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 72.74#24 DL1 NIKLAS KRONWALL Rating: 71.3#88 LD DENNIS CHOLOWSKI Rating: 73.0#3 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 72.17#25 DL2 DAN DEKEYSER Rating: 70.6#106 LD NICK JENSEN Rating: 71.3#74 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 70.91#23 DL3 GOALIES JIMMY HOWARD Rating: 75.4#17 G1 JONATHAN BERNIER Rating: 70.0#43 G2 Im not one to make rules so if your account is not banned after this one congratulations. If your warning points increase then rethink some life decisions and take solace in the laughter you created for everyone else.
  11. vs Evander Kane Zach Bogosian travels back to Winnipeg to play against his former team, and the Sabres can see their old friend Drew Stafford Tyler Myers, in this matchup of kinda pretty good teams. This is another chance for the Stabs to beat a team ahead of them in the standings; they've been pretty good at that lately. Skinner-Eichel-Reinhart Sheary-Mittelstadt-Okposo Sobotka-Berglund-Pominville Girgensons-Larsson-Thompson McCabe-Ristolainen Scandella-Bogosian Beaulieu-Dahlin I'm guessing Carter the Hutt gets the goaltending duties for Buffalo Remember GDT rules:  No acne jokes No telling Mr. Flagg to STF..... you know the rest Logo hate was grandfathered into the rules so that's ok Please look for previous made GDT's before posting yours Must Win There is no Rule #6 Please do not quote an entire obnoxiously long post (such as this) Please start a new thread if you want to cry some more about ROR trade LET'S GO BUFFALO GO SABRES!
  12. Common guys, these things don't write themselves. Not sure of lineup tonight, but anxious to get a look at guys playing against another team, especially one that has a history of hustling. Torts just signed a 2 year extension. For lineup, check in with those more informed than me. Go Sabres...
  13. This year, several Sabres, past and present, played in DaBeautyLeague, a Summer 4 on 4 hockey league. The league's season is now over. Here are some point totals for our guys and my personal reviews. The league didn't post +/-, so I only have point totals. Mind you that in a 4 on 4 Summer league, point totals are going to be highly inflated. [I am NOT a scout...just some of my observations.] B. Boeser 9gp 16g 18a 34pts For comparison the leading scorer was Brock Boeser; he was phenomenal day in day out. He's an example for why I wanted Jim Benning as our GM. Z. Bogosian 5gp 4g 9a 12pts. Zach played OK. He showed some offensive flair with a nice shot on display for his goals. Unfortunately, his defense wasn't stellar. He made a completely bone-headed play in the semi-finals that helped cost his team the game. [He pinned a guy along the boards and then just stayed there while the play ended up coming back to the front of the net.] Hudson Fasching 9gp 5g 6a 11pts. I didn't see him score any goals personally. From what I saw he was the Rochester Fasching, i.e. has tools but cannot score. Casey Nelson 9gp 2g 7a 9pts. Casey was solid albeit unspectacular. C.J. Smith 6gp 2g 5a 7pts C.J. was solid albeit unspectacular. Casey Mittelstadt 4gp 1g 3a 4pts On his one goal, it was the Casey that makes us drool. The rest of the time, his play seemed a bit uninspired. And then he dropped out of the league after just 4 games. He wasn't injured because he played with Eichel in a Buffalo beer league afterwards. I know that it's just a Summer league. And as the games went on and grew in importance, intensity improved somewhat. I guess that we'll have to wait for the prospect tournament and training camp to see how Casey fits in. Sam Reinhart 1gp 1g 1a 2pts. With his team down, Sam pushed hard to score the tying goal. Yay. But then he made a blind pass to the opponet's crease which ended up at the blue line and was taken in for a break-away for the game winning goal. Ouch. The play-by-play guys were also playing things a bit loose. So, I'm sure that I missed some play by our guys as I didn't have everyone's numbers memorized and the camera work was not top shelf. But there you have it, some feedback on the DaBeautyLeague for 2018.
  14. Here we go again ... MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!! I know nothing about the Stars. Let's make it 2 wins in a row. AVENGE HULL!!
  15. Today is the first day of the rest of the season! We should be able to beat up on these politicians.
  16. Time for hope. I hope we beat those dastardly Bruins! What're ya doin' der?
  17. The Sabres look to continue their resurgence against the Isles today, can they do it?!? Will Zach Bogosian throw a tantrum? Will Eichel continue his streak? Can this team pull it's head out of its own bottom and give us fans something to cling to? All that and more coming up! Spotty wifi here on the Isle of Skye, I was planning on doing Stats and such, but I'll have JSB or one of the better posters here do that ? Let's go Sabres, and Cheers all!!!
  18. Wash, Rinse, Repeat Anything other than the Sabres losing by than 3 or more goals would come as a pleasant surprise. Happier times:
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