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GDT Preseason: Flyers @ Sabres 9/27/2022, 7pm, Sabres.com, WGR


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1 hour ago, Zamboni said:

I’m not really taking anything a player does in the preseason games seriously. Good or bad. They are playing against incomplete teams. As an incomplete team. Not to mention “game shape” is different in September than say November. For me it’s just exhibition or glorified scrimmage against another club.

I view it differently, many of these players are fighting for roster spots, I don't see it as a glorified scrimmage at all, we had fighting, some decent hits... none of the players looked like they were coasting on either side of the puck. I think these games are what tells you if a guy like Pilut could be a bottom pairing defensemen, is Savoie ready for the big leagues yet along with countless others? We have a very young group about ready to come join the roster, it's crucial for us to bring up the right guys and I believe these games tells us who should and who still needs time just my 2 pennies.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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