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Paul Hamilton back on WGR for Sabres Coverage

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21 hours ago, Taro T said:

Hamilton picks his storyline & stays with it, regardless of how the terrain might change.

I think this is generally correct. I've seen him alter course slightly, at times. I mean - we are all biased by our interpretation of events as they unfold. Those interpretations inevitably influence how we understand subsequent events. Hamilton's biases are just really significant, IMO, and he isn't able (or just doesn't want) to adjust for them. 

21 hours ago, dudacek said:

Was watching a presser with my wife in the room and she pipes up "what's up with that guy? Is he asking a question or telling a story?"

He's not the only sports reporter who does this. I think it's a function of the fact that they write a lot of their copy while the game's ongoing, and then look for players or coaches to endorse what they wrote.

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