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New Scotland (NS)

GDT - Sabres @ Panthers - November 30, 2018 - 7:00 PM (EST)

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2 hours ago, dudacek said:

They were emotionally spent and it showed.

The best summary of the game.

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5 hours ago, New Scotland (NS) said:

Good take.

I agree and I think that every fan will say this ... the Sabres are good, but still need to address some issues.  The issues now are minor in comparison to the massive issues over the last several years.

Still they playing well enough to be, at last check, which was early this morning, in second place in the league.  I don't think anyone can honestly say they expected that and saw it coming.

Agreed.  All good teams have some off games.  The good news is this was back-to-back road games, 2 games in 2 nights, 1st night was an emotional barn burner that felt like a playoff game against the best team in the league, multiple injuries to key players for 1st time this year - and they still walked away with a point.  

The biggest concern for me to this point is still secondary scoring from the forwards.  Its nice to see Tage start to heat up, but right now it's still the 1st line and defense that is driving the high level of scoring we are getting to enjoy...

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