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  1. 8 hours ago, pi2000 said:

    Comrie played great.    .927 sv%, allowing almost 2 goals fewer than expected.   

    That's a massive goaltending improvement on home ice, one of the top 3 performances of the season.   

    Unfortunately they gave up way too many high danger chances, 21... the second most they've allowed on home ice all season.   

    In their 14 home wins, they're averaging 11 high danger chances against per game.   

    It's frustrating.  They finally get a quality goaltending performance and let it go to waste with careless defense.   

    Great stats.  I watched Cozens last night b/c another poster’s observations on him leaving the high danger areas uncovered and on his first shift of the game I’ll be damned if he didn’t miss an assignment which could easily have cost them a goal.  Then again a few shifts later.   Coaching has to be function of this consistent failure.

     What shall we use
    To fill the empty spaces
    Where we used to skate?
    How shall I fill
    The final places?
    How should I complete the wall?

  2. 1 hour ago, PromoTheRobot said:

    Are you blaming him for the Tuch tip-in. He had no chance on the first goal either. 

    But the goal called back on the offsides was terrible, as was #4. He's a mess right now. Did you notice how far he was coming out to make saves? He was overcompensating.

    Goalie  question -  Does UPL go to his knees too often?  Seems like his lateral movement is hindered by him being on his pads and unable to push side to side enough.  Technical analysis? 

  3. 2 hours ago, JohnC said:

    Quick thoughts on game: My first star would go to Tuch. My second star would go to Jersey's Hughes. He can freaking shoot. 

    If the Jersey replacement goalie would have started this game the outcome would have been different. 

    What a relief to see Tage back on the ice after going to the locker room. 

    Jersey and Buffalo have a similar style: Skating and emphasis on offense. 

    I thought Lyubushkin had a solid game

    The Quinn/Cozens/JJ line played well. This line has so much upside to it. 

    The pass of the game was Quinn's blind pass from the sideboards to Cozens for a score. 

    UPL made a number of quality stops. He limited the rebounds. I still get so nervous when he is backstopping. 

    There are similarities to how these teams are constructed. My guess is that they are a year ahead of us in progression.  

    I never felt that the Sabres never got deflated when the Devils scored or were pushing hard. The Sabres just kept playing their game. 

    A win is a win. It's good to get a win at home. The fans deserve it. 


    Ilya is quietly having a March.  Since the 7th of the month he has had led the defense in Points, goals, blocked shots, xGF, hits, and plus/minus.  He is also third in Corsi all while averaging 4th most Ice time, taking no penalties and having by far the lowest percentage of Offensive Face-offs.  Wish we had this guy all season.  

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  4. On 3/21/2023 at 9:10 AM, PASabreFan said:

    Bill Burr sits atop the heap.

       Bill is definitely a top draw, and a master of his craft.  I was afforded the the opportunity to see him at the Comedy Store in Hollywood a few months ago, with some other top notch comedians working on new material.  Just a random Thursday in January.  Get this, Sebastian Manascalco, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, Marc Maron, Jeff Ross, and John Mulaney all did sets between 20-30 minutes.  Manascalco and Mulaney were just superior in style, writing and performance.  Sebastian was actually playing Wynn Hotel in Vegas that weekend (different and well established material) where tickets were selling for $200.  I paid $25/ea plus I greased the doorman an additional $50 to get my wife and I in the second row of tables near the stage.  The other club to visit is the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach.  Twenty years ago (before kids) we would see Seinfeld, Rock, Jay Leno and Bill Maher working on new bits.  They still get the unannounced star looking to work on new stuff.     

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  5. Jordan Greenway, a player barely alive in Minnesota.  Donny Meatballs can rebuild him. Make him better than he was before.  Better, stronger, faster. Dude just needs time to acclimate to change.  Never got the feeling he welcomed the trade initially.  A complete off-season to reflect, and understand how he can contribute will be welcomed by all parties. 

  6. 2 hours ago, JohnC said:

    I'm not broadening this discussion because it is pointless to do so. Trust your eyes and don't let your bias obscure what actually happened. There is nothing unusual about a fluke goal. Deflections off sticks, off of offensive and defensive players, happen all the time. Good calls, bad calls inexplicable calls. Sometimes they work in your favor and sometimes they don't. That's simply hockey!


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  7. 13 hours ago, msw2112 said:

    I'm out of market too.  I have Directv and was able to get NHL Center Ice activated back in December for $24.99.  Regular price was $69.99.  I tried to negotiate and get it for free, but I had tried and failed a few times.  For $25, to get all of the games for Dec, Jan, Mar, and Apr (minus 4 or 5 ESPN+/Hulu exclusive ones), it seemed like a reasonable deal.  I also like the fact that I can record to my DVR and watch when it's convenient.  I can't do that with ESPN+ (at least not as easily).  Plus, Directv is giving me $60 off per month on my regular service and I got free NFL Sunday ticket.

    Now that Directv has lost the NFL package, I may drop it in a couple of months when all of my discounts run out, so next season will probably be ESPN+.

      Same situation here in So Cal.  Have had Direct TV for 17 years for the Sunday Ticket.  Center Ice was always an easy add on.  My bill is about $140 but can’t remember the last time I paid for the Ticket.  I like the fact they stream HNIC on Saturdays.  ESPN + streaming as well.  Kids have Disney so the bundle was a relatively cheap option.  Curious how it plays out with the NFL on Youtube and if people like you and I vacate the traditional cable services.  

  8. 1 hour ago, GASabresIUFAN said:

    Honestly, do the Sabres need Z or KO any longer? Besides leadership what does either player objectively offer?  Our PK is terrible.  Z's pts/g are down year over year.  KO's are down significantly.  

    Greenway was just brought in to bring a physical presence and improve the PK at half the price we are paying KO.  The team's leadership is now falling on the shoulder of Dahlin, TNT, Cozens, and Tuch.

    Krebs has also proven to be pretty feisty and with Savoie and Kulich (who have both been on fire of late) coming soon, we may need the roster spots as early as next season.

    KA's decisions on both players may come down the stretch and how they perform in the playoffs (if we make it).

    Admittedly I can see both returning, but rationally it's probably time to move on from both.  

    Since January 1st the PK support by KO and Z has been excellent.  There is almost and equal split of TOI between forwards Jost, Krebs, Kyle and Zemgus. The HD goals with KO and Z are zero, with 3 goals against in ~30 minutes.   Jost and Krebs have 4 HDGA and 9/6 Goals against.   Perhaps D pairings affected these numbers but these two players grind.  On 5/5 these two have the best HDGF percentages on the team.  Sure, they don’t have a +19 like Skinner, but definitely the lowest GA per 60 minutes played.   And it’s been stated here many times, the Jost/KO/Z line or as individuals are seeing more 5/5 TOI than any Non defensive skaters except Tage, Skinner, Tuch and Casey. (And full props to you for the fact Mitts is entrusted with this kind of ice time).   But as they transition to a true 4th line role, and Dylan, JJP, Quinn start seeing more 5/5 TOI, if the AAV is right, I want them back.  

  9. 15 minutes ago, DarthEbriate said:

    11. 😇

    Out of more than 2000. Listen... I'm not saying he was a contender, just that he was noted for his defensive skills as a forward and earned some votes. It's really sad that the only other Sabre to even get a vote last season for any major award was VO. 28 votes for the Lady Byng. He finished 23rd. https://www.hockey-reference.com/awards/voting-2022.html 

    But this year will be quite different.

    I think 2000 is the points based on The Professional Hockey Writers votes 1-5. And the association has like 200 members.  So even less impressive.  Based on the writers from Buffalo they could have colluded to get Ras a few more #5 votes.   Here is the link for the Buffalo “chapter”.  You think they have a year end party?  If so, does it rival the Tri Lambs? 


    Robert Carradine 80S GIF

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  10. Quinn meets expectations on FL#1.   Like Mitts as of late but Quinn is clearly third best winger.  Another vet on the left with Cozens and the FL#2 will be something to watch.

    UPL sliding into the third slot. 

    Vinnie had a sneaky good game.  

    JJP needs to watch the next game from the press box.  Not sure Asplund will make that much of a difference but dude has been invisible.  

    If all it costs is a third round pick, do not let Jensen get on that flight out west with the Caps.  Keep him in the 716.  Not sure I can watch another Clague and Bryson start.  


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