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  1. Pretty good stuff when a guy a month out of major surgery comes out training camp to meet a rookie. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23473943/jim-kelly-spends-josh-allen-meeting-buffalo-bills-quarterbacks-present
  2. Agree on the Rays and Bucs but not on the Lightning. Considering the Bay Area is full of transplants, the Lightning actually have a pretty rabid fan base. And the Rays would do a lot better if they built a stadium closer to downtown Tampa or out by I-75 to get the Orlando fans.
  3. Callahan should've licked his hand before shaking with Marchand.
  4. Another lottery win ! What's next ?
  5. Ah ... I'm a little slow. Must be the theory on the Allen over Rosen selection.
  6. I remember the incident, but I thought it was attributed to a reaction to prescription drugs ? What does that have to do with the rest of the team ?
  7. Drinking what kool-aid ? I must've missed something.
  8. Bizarre how someone from Sweden talks about Buffalo being cold. Must not have been to Green Bay in January.
  9. Meaning Mayfield and Darnold were the other guys.
  10. Waiting with baited breath until his first argument with his OC ... :thumbsup:
  11. Must really ruffle Rosen's feathers than the team that drafted him had Allen higher.
  12. I'd bet Chico sees a few flakes from time to time, like a couple of times every 15 years or so. Compared to Buff's every 15 minutes or so.
  13. Chico is northern Cal, San Mateo is near SF. No chance - his fragility disqualified him IMO.
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