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  1. I have been saying for many years you need to build up your offensive and defensive lines. Both are mediocre on this team. This team isn’t going to win a super bowl.
  2. I have watched a handful of Kraken games and Tanev is a damn good hockey player.
  3. He’s got garbage to work with. Most of the current Sabres should be in the AHL. How many outnumbered attacks did they give up in Tonight’s game? Pathetic. They are coming back down to earth now. Like others have said it might be time to send Cozens down because playing with Skinner is just poison. That’s got to be the worst contract in the nhl right now.
  4. He’s going to be the next wanting out if this keeps continuing.
  5. Eichel will be fine. The deal will hopefully work out well for both teams. Either way I’m happy because the deal helps both teams!
  6. Season ticket holder for the Knights and have seen Tuch get better each season and excited to see how Krebs develop. But from what I’ve seen of Krebs he’s going to be a solid nhler. Great vision, and more of a playmaker but he is a hustler!
  7. As a fan of both teams and living in Vegas, I love Tuch and like Krebs as well. But I’m also a huge Eichel fan. Happy for both teams.
  8. It’s a solid trade for both teams. Tuch will leave you guys wanting more but you will find out when he turns it into high gear not many guys are going to catch him. He moves unbelievably well for a guy his size. Sucks losing him and Krebs but VGK needed a #1 center and I believe he’s going to thrive here in Vegas.
  9. I think it’s a solid move for both teams. Vegas needed a #1 center and a superstar in which I think he will be here in Vegas.
  10. VGK and Sabres fan here Krebs is going to be a solid NHLer. He’s a playmaker who hustles but I believe most of his goals are gonna come from in close. Sucks losing him because he’s fun to watch.
  11. From Vegas here - Like what the Sabres got for Eichel. Im a huge Tuch fan but with his size and speed he’s going to leave you wanting more. But he was one of my favorite players on the Golden Knights. Krebs is going to be a solid nhl player. His hockey IQ is high, he hustles, and he’s a pass first guy. Expect most of his goals from close in. The 1st rounder was a given VGK needs a top line center big time. Now it should be fun watching him battle McKinnon and McDavid. If I’m Buffalo I send down Krebs along with Cozens and develop those guys along with JJ and Quinn. That would be one hell of a 4 player tandem to start next year.
  12. Vegas just lost William Karlsson for 6 weeks now. Injuries are decimating VGK right now. Sabres fans don’t get to hyped up about Elvenes or Dugan. I still think Dugan needs another year or so and Elvenes probably never makes it. I’m not confident that Vegas will pull off a deal for Eichel.
  13. If Calgary is in on this you wonder if Johnny Hockey is a piece to be possibly involved and then getting moved again.
  14. The issue with Vegas is they have to clear out salary to get this deal done. If I’m Buffalo I don’t do any deal unless it includes Tuch or Theodore. I just don’t see VGK making this deal for Eichel unless he rips off Adams!
  15. ^ This is spot on. This is exactly what I’ve seen from him watching him on the Golden Knights and the Silver Knights. He stands out in the AHL. He’s going to be an everyday NHLer!
  16. As someone who has watched both play. Elvenes is going to be lucky to make the NHL full time. He’s a great passer but he doesn’t stand out when you watch him. He’s usually on the power play but he needs a lot of work in his game. Krebs on the other hand is fun to watch. Besides being a great passer, his hockey IQ is very high, he works hard and is usually the first one back to help out in the defensive zone.
  17. Nobody knows what to think here. Me personally I would love him in Vegas but the cost is just too high and I think it would set back this franchise. Plus VGK would have to shed money in order for this to happen. I wouldn’t pull the trigger for Eichel but that’s just me. I like Krebs as I think he’s going to be a very good player in this league. But losing a solid roster player or two to make this deal happen it would all depend on who. VGK needs a number 1 center and Eichel I think would thrive here. Too me it’s just about having too much money tied up in a few players. I’m all about developing players and finding players thru the draft. I’m still pissed Vegas never offered Perron a contract. To me that was a huge loss.
  18. Just giving everyone a heads up here in Vegas. Krebs- going to be a solid playmaker with lots of energy, just don’t expect many goals. Hague- His Skating has improved since being drafted but don’t expect him throwing his weight around. Has a booming shot when it hits the net. Solid player. Theodore - Great skater with great offensive skills for a defenseman but needs more work in his own end. Dugan - Still needs another year in the AHL plus needs to get faster. Needs to bring it shift after shift. Rhonberg- Don’t know if this kid will ever be an everyday NHLer. Kid hustles but like most minor leaguers he doesn’t really stand out.
  19. Do you blame the fans. This organization has to get their ***** together!
  20. I always say the key in football is to have two solid front lines on both sides of the ball. You have a good offensive line it opens up the run game and it buys more time in the passing game.
  21. I really never get excited about the Bills because they can never put it all together at once. This is a good team but it’s not going to win it all. It’s an also-ran!
  22. This team isn’t good enough.
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