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The dog days of hockey

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5 minutes ago, Thorny said:

Except it's not. Re-signing Skinner represents the status quo from last year. 

We have no idea what affect a new coach will have. 

The depth additions are marginal at best and Botterill hasn't had the best track record when it comes to depth forward adds. Other teams are trying to improve their rosters, too, don't forget. 

The D additions I am thrilled with. 

We are really talking ourselves into:

Skinner - Eichel - Sheary

Olofsson - Mittelstadt - Reinhart

...being an adequate top 6, with no outside roster additions having been made.

Could it work purely though growth? It's definitely possible. If someone had told you we'd ice a top 6 next year with no new outside additions brought in, I don't think many would be happy. Still hoping for another move, but we'll have to see. 

I was going to say "replace Sheary with Vesey maybe" but man do those players occupy the same space in my head as meh scoring depth that I don't really like. 

If I was GM, one of those guys, fine, but no way would I have both in the lineup in October

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10 minutes ago, dudacek said:

i think we’re talking the same thing: getting offence from players not named Eichel, Skinner and Reinhart.

And I think we’re saying the same thing (albeit with different spins): moves have been made but the job isn’t finished.

If I have trepidation I think it comes from this. I thought at the time they were made and I still think now that Botterill's Vesey and Johansson adds represented his contingency plans and W and possibly C, in the event that no other big move popped loose later in the summer (ala Skinner). In my view he has the roster to his minimal standard for off-season improvement and would in fact enter into the season with said configuration. 

I think he's watchful for a move and open to it but it's not a given at all. 

I think to Botterill (and ownership?) the viable strategies for finishing that job include the development of Mittelstadt (and Cozens) into NEXT season. Botterill has 4 seasons to get his strategy implemented and this coming season is his 3rd. 

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