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  1. 7 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

    In retrospect Murray put together some good players but they for whatever reason didn't mesh together as ROR, Eichel, Lehner and most likely Reinhert, Okposo and Kulikov likely going to be Stanley Cup winner maybe others on the list as missed but those were first names I remember. We can blame coaching but who knows for whatever reason they didn't work here. Yet I won't say we're better until see it on the ice and thus far I haven't. 

    XGMTM won every trade he made.  He's a case study in why winning the individual trades aren't as important as putting together a good team.

  2. 1 hour ago, GASabresIUFAN said:

    The falloff in his scoring last season

    Yes, his scoring was down last year, but his scoring has always been up and down.  He scored 24 goals/46 points last year.  If you do a linear regression on his career, you would expect him to score 27G/52P this year.  If you look at all seasons played under coaches other than Krueger, you would expect him to score 33G/63A this year.


  3. 6 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    Trusted source: "It's not done yet and maybe there's a chance it may not happen, but the sabres look like they're going to buy out Skinner. I know (guy who should know) says Skinner's agency has been warned. They're trying to keep this quiet while the agency looks for an alternative, so you definitely cannot report this as done or in any way tie it to me."

    Friedman: "But, you know, I always try to be careful with what I say unless I 100% know. So I can't say 100% it's going to happen, but it's definitely out there."

    Friedman (paraphrasing):  "I don't report stuff that's not 100%, but here's something I heard that's not 100%."

  4. 49 minutes ago, PASabreFan said:

    And those who have the heart to teach, who want to teach? IOW the best teachers?

    Will they just be mercenaries and go work in tech or something?

    Actually yes.  My son is currently a teacher and considering doing exactly this once he finishes his data analytics degree. 

    I have a good friend that bounces between teaching at a public school (her heart's passion) and working a civilian position at the Army Corps of Engineers (where she makes much more money).

    Part of the problem with keeping good teachers in the field is the administrative and political sides of teaching.  There are a lot of BS rules that don't help a teacher effectively teach, and there is a constant push to reduce taxes and/or divert education tax dollars from traditional public schools to alternatives, which is not only why salaries are not commensurate with other industries but why public school resources are frequently not adequate.  There should be no need for a $250 tax deduction to educators who buy supplies out of their pockets, but most spend more than that just to fulfill basic needs (like having tissues in a classroom during cold and flu season).

  5. 11 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    Sabrespace: We need to get bigger and better defensively. Also Sabrespace: not Greenway!

    Sabrespace: We need to add a top 4 defenceman. Also Sabrespace: not Byram!

    Sabrespace: We need to trade one of the young guys to shake up the core. Also Sabrespace: not Mittelstadt!

    Sabrespace: We need to be more accountable and start playing the right way. Also Sabrespace: not Skinner!

    There is no such thing as a hive mind around here. 😄

    The takeaway is that not everyone on Sabrespace agrees on these issues.  So what?

    Just now, LGR4GM said:


    I think Skinner scores 35-40 this year regardless of where he plays.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Flashsabre said:

    So this is something that has been floating around hockey circles for probably, at least it reached my ears about three or four days ago. And the tough thing is that the Sabres aren't saying anything.

    He's represented by Don Meehan.

    Don Meehan is keeping quiet about it.

    So basically both parties haven't said anything indicating that he will be bought out.  Unless Kevyn is purposely leaking information or there is a mole in the Sabres org, any talk of a Skinner buyout is straight up speculation.

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  7. I think there are roster moves where Kevyn did well and others that he mishandled.  The two big ones, at least early in Kevyn's tenure, are the Eichel and Reino trades.

    Eichel trade:  Eichel wanted out because he didn't want to be part of another rebuild.  His nagging neck injury progressed to the point where he couldn't play.  Under the circumstances I think Kevyn got a marvelous return in Tuch, a team leader, Krebs, a roster player (possibly transitional), 2022 first-round pick (Noah Östlund) and 2023 second-round pick (Riley Heidt).  Obviously Östlund and Heidt are for the future, but Tuch and Krebs were pretty good return in themselves for a player that was damaged goods and wanted out.  It made the team better in the short run (considering Eichel was injured) and possibly the long run, depending on how the picks pan out.  I would give this trade an A.

    Reino trade:  This one is a bit murkier.  I think it started out with the 2020 bridge contract Adams gave Reino, sending a clear message to Samson that he was not part of the Sabres future and indicating that Kevyn was looking to rebuild the roster.  In that context, Reinhart had to go.  The return, Devon Levi and the late 1st round pick that became Jiri Kulich, were both futures.  There was no present value in the return.  I think Kevyn got something he wanted- a very good goalie prospect, but on the other hand he forced himself into having to do it by signing Reino to a short term contract.  If he had locked Reinhart up for 7 years like other forwards, he wouldn't have been backed into a corner.  I would give this trade an Incomplete grade.  It hinges on the prospects returned becoming significant contributors to the team.  (But this is what the trade was on the surface anyway:  Present Value for Future Value)

    But with those two trades I can see what Kevyn was doing.  He restarted the timeline on building the team and got some valuable pieces for the future.

    The next big move is Mitts trade.  Again, Adams painted himself into a corner by not even starting contract talks with Mitts (if Casey's camp is to be believed), for a player that seemed to want to stay in Buffalo.  By neglecting to even see what Casey might want, he imposed urgency on himself to move Mittelstadt.  I think Kevyn mishandled the Mittelstadt contract situation and that put him into a position of having to trade Casey, and getting whatever he could for him.  When he moved Mitts he created a significant hole in the top nine:  Casey is very versatile and capable of playing anywhere in the top nine.  When he stepped in for an injured Tage on the top line in the spring of 2023, the line didn't miss a beat, and he even allowed Donny to play Tage at wing when he first returned from injury.  As a 2C or 3C he was very good.  He could also play wing.  The Sabres had developed him and just as the investment was beginning to pay off, they moved him.  The Sabres got Byram in return. 

    In contrast to the Reino and Eichel trades where those players were moved to transform the roster and set it up for the future, the Mitts trade was more of a Present Value for Present Value kind of trade.  But there wasn't an obvious hole on defense that Byram filled while the deletion of Mitts from the forward ranks created a hole that still hasn't been filled.  I give this trade a C-.

    So on the big trades, Kevyn is a mixed bag at best.  And while he was pretty good early on at acquiring futures, I don't see him as very good at refining the roster to fill areas of need.  Hopefully Lindy can help determine the roster moves Kevyn makes this offseason to get the build back on track.

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  8. 8 hours ago, Archie Lee said:

    It all depends on what they do with the roster. Make the right moves and a buyout can make us a better team. 

    In a vacuum I think buying out Skinner makes the Sabres worse.  Just like trading Mitts made the team worse.

    If Kevyn made the complementary moves everyone on this forum thinks they need, then yes it could make the team better, but simply removing Skinner from the roster will not make the Sabres better without him.  Just like they were not better with Byram instead of Mitts.

    When he traded Reino you could see the return and it is apparent Kevyn sees Levi as the goalie of the future.  When he traded Eichel he got Tuch (who has proven to be a team leader) plus another roster player (Krebs) plus 2022 first-round pick (Noah Östlund) and 2023 second-round pick (Riley Heidt- who?

    When he traded Mitts he got Byram back in a one-for-one.  Maybe Byram will prove me wrong, but I just didn't see the need to bring in yet another young Dman and I don't think he fills an obviously need while losing Mitts created a big hole.

    When you look at what Adams gave up versus what he got back in the Eichel and Reino trades, you could see the value proposition and how it benefited the Sabres.  Also, those trades where transformational in terms of changing the direction of team and the way the roster is constructed.  Trading Mitts created a hole that still needs to be filled, and losing Skinner would create yet another hole on offense, at a time when "transformation" should be done and the team should be competitive. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Goldseatsaud said:

    Diane Campbell M in 2022 was employed at Lockport City School District and had an annual salary of $99,982 according to public records. This salary was 75 percent higher than the average and 99 percent higher than the median salary in Lockport City School District.

    Public records show Diane Campbell M working for Lockport City School District from 2009 to 2022.

    Is this "Diane Campbell M" one of your "neighbors all teachers making 100k"?

    On 6/17/2024 at 1:55 PM, Goldseatsaud said:

    My neighbors all teachers making 100k on my taxes

    Otherwise, why are you yammering on about all these teacher friends making 100k when the best you can do is find one who makes.... LESS THAN 100k?

    Stop blowing ***** outta your ass about things you know nothing about.

    3 hours ago, Goldseatsaud said:

    I know teachers that are making six figures plus that  was my point!   

    No, I don't think you do.  Because the best "public record" you could find was someone making less than 100k.

  10. 5 hours ago, PerreaultForever said:

    Waddell gets to pick his own guy and likely has somebody already in mind. Probably also means a change in direction and/or style of play. Some guys get to work right away. 

    He'll interview at least 10 people for the HC job because that's what NHL GMs do.



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