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  1. We as Sabres fans are a jaded bunch. I have been a die harder since day one, and get it, but this is real over reaction.
  2. I see a ton of over reaction. I do not know what you expected to get from players on a team that did not win for 18 games. The Sabres were never in a position of power in any of these trades. Stall - an older center with a few goals left. 2 picks not bad. Hall - he has hit the wall hard!! Look at his production the last couple of years. Nobody was saying we were going to get a first for him. Montour - Someone we did not need as we have 3 other on the team that can do the same thing. We got a 3rd and Florida took full salary, and they got a defenseman that can skate, score and d
  3. Un ugly off game where the boys were definitely outworked and out skated all game. Its gonna happen. Also, we are still playing without our top 3 centers and 2 best defensive dmen. I still see things as not as bad as i did when RK was here.
  4. I have been reading this thread for a few days..... My take. Jack does not want to be a loser and i believe he is dedicated to the Sabres. That being said, him seeing the changes that have occurred even after the coaching change is going to make him happy as he is going to be able to play his game and not have to worry about "The Process". Lets face it, the process was a offensive restrictive system that most of the free wheeling players were stifled under. Once this team has its talent back, AKA Jack, Cozens, and Lazar, I think we will see more even a more explosive offensive output.
  5. The Sabres definitely showed they still have problems with tight checking teams. But, they are also showing they can take great advantage of the other teams mistakes in their own end and make them pay. Devils play a fast defensive tight checking game that keeps them in most every game against everyone. Sabres played it well and hung in there and took advantage of what they got. Dahlin played one of his better games in the offensive zone and i hope he keeps going that way.
  6. All 3 players Mitts, Tage and Asplund all have some skill. Tage and Mitts are making the most of their time here to prove they deserve to stay. If they can build that chemistry i think they will be a decent 3rd line.
  7. If we cannot get a 1st, then it needs to be a player that fills a need or prospect that is ready to play now.
  8. Totally Agree to this..... unless we are going to get a FAIR return, we are not a charity to help other teams for minimal cost. We keep who we have and play out the year and let the pieces fall where they may. I think we all believe that this team is better then their record shows and now that they are playing like they should have been all along i think we will see what we really have.
  9. I think we extend him 3 years at 5-6 Mil per. He is a much better player then what we are seeing.
  10. Yes, and no.... the team in front of him is playing a ton different under Granato. He deserves some credit. Better minder helps and i like Linus, but this is a team improvement mostly and it shows.
  11. I think Tage and Mitts are benefitting from the current state of the Sabres. Both are playing better then in the past. Both have always had the skills to be in the NHL, but the head and body needed to get there. Do not think they are top 6 or borderline at best, but they are looking a lot better. Their strengths (Their shots mostly) have never changed. Just getting into their heads where to go to take them needs to get better. Both in my eyes are showing they can belong in the NHL but lets see them do it for 82 games.
  12. I think what is really helping the team is who is behind the bench. They are smart enough to realize that you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. From coach to assistants, they are all hard working NHLers that are going to expect that from the players. They are also utilizing each of the individual players strengths. We are seeing Tage and Mitts seriously benefit from this.... on a side not I got my Roswell park helmet on Sat..... TY #72!! Wife was hoping for Montour, but happy with Tage.
  13. UGHHHHHHHH I hate the Rags and hate their broadcast (That i am forced to watch) that much more. Would love to see a split with the Rags!! They are a younger fast team that can be physical and hard to play against. Hoping for another effort like last night!
  14. Interesting fun game to watch! I cannot recall how many good rushes that we had last night in the the total last year. Nice to see our defenseman joining the rush again too. The last 3 games are showing what we are capable of. We still get caught in our own end a bit too much and need to be harder on the boards, but it looks like current staff is pushing the correct buttons. RK made the old timer mistake of my way of the highway and got shown the highway cause he was too stubborn to play the hand he was dealt. Still believe we need to get more physical and get some players that "Play" big.
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