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  1. Yeah, so I wasn't suggesting anything negative with this question...it's not like he (or anyone) will be pulling themselves up off the ice with their lats -- I thought the whole thing was kind of silly because it has no bearing on how he skates. I was just curious. Sorry for clogging up your board with nonsense.
  2. We all know of Middlestadt's infamous "zero pull-up" combine workout in 2017...today's BN story on Middlestadt reports that he's added weight and muscle mass, but has anyone seen a reference as to how many pull-ups he can do now? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. This is my question, exactly. Risto isn't perfect, but he isn't our worst defenseman either. Why not keep him and lose one of the lower end performers? I don't see how trading him away strengthens our defense.
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