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  1. 1 minute ago, Pimlach said:

    For all you guys that don’t believe in responding when your teammate gets blasted that is what you do.  Bailey with a b line to Scandy.  Bailey had gloves off. No fight but a response.  Thinking of Sobotka and Dahlin hits and pondering why we don’t do that.  

    Meh, he gave him a nice hug and got a penalty for it. Pretty weak response if you ask me.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Claude Balls said:

    I just want to see some silver in Buffalo, as in Stanley Cup silver. They could be wearing ***** Brown unis with piss yellow trim and I wouldn't care. But in the meantime, these will do just fine. 

    You joke but the Padres are going back to their 70's ***** brown and piss yellow for 2020! 

    Glad the sabres are finally gonna be back in Royal blue, it's about time.

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