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Rink Etiquette - Wheels on a Hockey Equipment Bag

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7 minutes ago, spndnchz said:

Is it better to drag something across the ice or is it better to carry it cross ?  Or  a crost)via Rob. Love u man

It depends on what it is. Drag a person, carry your stick. 

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14 minutes ago, Zamboni said:

The fact that this thread about a bag, has gone on for 3 pages, is stunning 😂

What's even more stunning is we keep checking in on it when we already know the answer.

40% say yes

40% say no

and 19 % are ZFG

The last 1% are like me a just troll.😁

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19 hours ago, Taro T said:

It is, to a degree.  But this wasn't as simple as not wearing an earring or having a long sleeved shirt on to hide a tattoo.  What was the kid supposed to do, drop $300 on a new pair of black skates, just so he could have the right look?

We're talking about a really good kid and a good hockey player.

As said upthread, it was that team's loss.  He would've made them better.

I didn't say it was right, I said people make decisions based on the way people dress and what they look like rather than what they can actually do or what kind of person they are all the time.

Those people are often wrong and that team was wrong and it was their loss in the end.

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