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  1. 3 hours ago, SwampD said:

    I like rye. I even said as much.

    Everyone’s reaction to my post, though, has done nothing but confirm my initial statement that it is overrated.

    Never said you didn’t like it. Awesome. I like it too. A loaf of rye bread with dill dip is a very underrated appetizer. Also, what have we come to when we are sitting here arguing about the most overrated breads. 

  2. 3 hours ago, That Aud Smell said:

    This guy has squandered a lot of credibility with me since I started following him as a counter-weight to MSM coverage of the pandemic, but this Tweet thread seems to have some merit to it.



    Lol at "squandered", as if the guy gives a sh1t that he's lost credibility with me, which the term "squandered" implies.

    Squandered is a funny word

  3. 16 minutes ago, Thorny said:

    I can agree with this, with the couple caveats being, it doesn't necessarily need to be THIS season, and the other being that it should be noted he's absolutely "on schedule" given his age what what we've seen him do at those ages. 

    The desire to see proof is totally fair, I just don't think there should be any trace of angst, yet, imo. 

    Not really any angst, but I’m holding off labeling him “generational” also. He’s still young but this will be his 3rd season. Time to start putting it together 

  4. 17 minutes ago, LGR4GM said:

    Fun fact. The kid who has only played in the nhl as a teen is second for most points by a teenage defender. 

    More fun facts, he's gained 20lbs. 

    More more fun facts, he's the best defender on the Sabres roster. 

    Here’s a fun fact, your 3rd fun “fact” is more of an opinion. But I hope you have more of these, I’m learning an awful lot

  5. 8 minutes ago, inkman said:

    Can we hold off anointing Dahlin “Eichel Status” until he achieves it?  I’m sure this is going to be met with plenty of contrary opinions but I think it’s warranted.  He still needs some seasoning.  

    I really couldn’t agree more. He needs to make some big strides this season to live up to his pre draft hype. I’ve seen flashes but he needs to put it all together 

  6. 13 hours ago, Zamboni said:

    In my opinion, you can extend that (more or less) to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and personal YouTube channels. It’s very narcissistic. But, it’s the world we live in today. 

    100%. Social media in general is to blame for the downfall of society. It’s not about being there, it’s about showing everyone that you’re there. I recently deactivated my Facebook because it’s just a toxic place now that the election is “over”. Just so much hate and hostility...

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