Sunday’s Ottawa Coverage


Sens heading to finals (Ottawa Sun)

Ruff hopes team feels power of pain (Ottawa Sun)

Alfredsson’s goal a fitting end (Ottawa Sun)

Murray’s happy at home (Ottawa Sun)

Leeder: ‘This has been a long time coming’ (Ottawa Sun)

Night time is right time (Ottawa Sun)

Greektown or Disneyland? It doesn’t matter to Emery (Ottawa Sun)

Take away ‘losers’ tag (Ottawa Sun)

Game Story (Ottawa Sun)

‘We want the Cup!’ (Ottawa Sun)

Alfie’s revenge

(Ottawa Citizen)

Final-ly! (Ottawa Citizen)

Penalty killers save the day (Ottawa Citizen)

‘A great, great feeling’ (Ottawa Citizen)

Senators prefer the wait to hoist the ultimate prize (Ottawa Citizen)

How I see it (Ottawa Citizen)

Welcome to ‘Hockey Town’ (Ottawa Citizen)

‘I’m so fantastically, unbelievably happy’ (Ottawa Citizen)

Fans hail the conquering heroes (Ottawa Citizen)

It’s always unlucky to vacuum the Red Mile (Ottawa Citizen)

We’re on the radar (Ottawa Citizen)

Alfredsson a deserving hero (Ottawa Citizen)

Sens Army celebrates date in Stanley Cup final (

Fans Guaranteed Tickets To The Stanley Cup Finals With A Senators Season Ticket Package (

Sensvision screen arrives at Red Zone after 40-hour cross-country trek (

The following are rough English translations from French language sites:

The Sabres believed in their chances (Le Droit)

Moral support for the Sabres (Le Droit)

Serious Alfredsson candidate in Conn Smythe (Le Droit)

Senators finally! (Le Droit)

Ottawa at the rate/rhythm of the Senators (Le Droit)