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Marvin, Sabres Fan

Best and Worst

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These are the fun stats, where we can measure greatness and incompetence.  Many of these have obvious variations which I will not bother to enumerate here.

Team Devastation Rating (good teams): Team Goal Differential / League Average Goal Differential

Team Devastated Rating (bad teams): League Average Goal Differential / Team Goal Differential

Individual Player Presence (think of this as "lone wolf" situations): rate of stat when player is on the ice / team's rate of stat without that player on the ice.

  • So when you see that the Sabres' numbers all congregate in a tiny area near "BAD" on a chart with either Vladimir Sobotka or Tage Thompson, but they players' performance away from those two go all over the bloody map, you know they suck.
  • Conversely, you get a very good idea of how much better the team has been with the addition of Jeff Skinner.
  • You also find out how disastrous the Scandella-Ristolainen defence pair was.  Without each-other on the ice, Scandella was at least a #6-8 D-man and Risto was in the #3-5 range.  Put them together and you have, um, magic, I guess.

Prorated Scoring seasons: Adjust goals and assists in all seasons to put all of the individual and team stats onto a uniform scale against the NHL historical average.  Until the DPE, this was 1972-3.  Now the historical average is 2006-7.

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