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  1. It seems Huts has dropped the ball, and it doesn't look like the Sabres have anyone to pick it up. The season started well... Let's Go Buffalo!
  2. Wow, that is a horrible way to lose a game; however, Jack demonstrated a great way to score a goal. Let's Go Buffalo!
  3. I like the fact they brought up a guy like Dalton. If he is as effective as he seems to be as a physical player, it will certainly help slow the game down at times. If he is smart about his style of play it just might be exactly what the Sabres could use right now. Teams like Anaheim, Boston, Tampa, Columbus, etc, really cause problems for the Sabres. If they're planning on going anywhere in the playoffs the team as a whole is going to have to evolve and get some nasty in their game. I'm not talking about meaningless fights, I'm talking about an intelligent application, some physical artistry, by design. It can't be every once in a while ("Remember When..."), teams need to know that the Sabres mean business; if not, the Sabres will continue to be the red headed step child who everyone picks on because they can. I'm having a tough time articulating what I mean. We don't need a bunch of fights... a bit of mean streak, sometimes you just have to born with it, a DNA thing... Sabres still have half the season to figure it out. Let's Go Buffalo!
  4. Let's Go Buffalo! It looks like Linus is our guy for now, and maybe for awhile. Huts has backslid and seems to be having a tough time making a come back. If you're a Buffalo reporter, you really should think about the questions you ask Linus.
  6. Figured Scandy might have some trade value now that he is playing better, and since Bogo has got to go, why not try to improve the team a bit.
  7. Maybe package Bogo, Scandy, a draft pick, and add another piece for the playoffs.
  8. Wow, Jack even played goalie, and bailed out Lenus. Jack Is On Fire!
  9. Facts About Grey Hair: 1. Caused By Watching Sabres Games.
  10. It was discussed in a thread, just saw it tonight.
  11. Anybody remember the bat chopped out of the air at the Aud?
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