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  1. I'm a new season ticket holder (only four years on the waiting list, I thought it would be much longer) and like many season ticket holders, I'm looking to sell some of my seats. Looking for advice from some of you who do the same. It seems like stub hub milks both the buyer and seller for fees and I'm unsure about Craigslist. Any advice? BTW, there in section 114 row 8 and I split the tickets with someone so I don't have all the games. Thanks
  2. Thank you, thank you thank you Is there actual video yet? It's only played a commercial on my desktop and my tethered unblocked laptop is also not seeing video.
  3. It does not and with the filter I cant get to any proxy sites
  4. I swear I streamed the NHL network last year at work but I'm having trouble finding it. I am at work and our filters prevent me from getting to some blocked streaming sites. I don't understand why the NHL network wouldn't broadcast a live feed on the web for everyone at work. Any help would be greatly appreciated by both me and all my male colleagues.
  5. I need someone to check out why my pool heater won't fire up. Any suggestions or referrals?

  6. We have an offer already on the house! Waiting for our agent to bring it to us

  7. Getting the house ready to sell. My hand is going to fall off from all the painting

  8. I would be happy to accept a pinterest invite if any of my facebook friends is able to give one out

  9. Dear Lisa Love, time to find someone that can still coach.Thank you

  10. Took the family down to Allegany for a picnic and I turned off the cell phone and the radio so I could come home and watch the Bills game on tape. Everyone was able to keep it a secret except Jennifer Seymour Sommer who kept giving me a hard time about not knowing the score.

  11. 17 years ago this morning, the most important, life changing event in my life happened. Happy birthday to my daughter Abbey Sommer. I love you!!!

  12. Leaving beautiful Fort Myers today. Stopping halfway in Charlotte for the night and then home tomorrow.

  13. yoyoyo its B-DIDDIE IN DA HOUSE! all you ladies get @ me, dont tell Jennifer Seymour Sommer ;) Love, Abbey Sommer, Marissa DelPrince and Megan Helf :)

  14. Really enjoying watching Jenni and Teri "tear it up" tonight. Probably not going to enjoy watching them tomorrow morning

  15. I can still send invites to Google+ if anyone wants one

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