Biron's butterfly form follows Hasek's Slinky style

Via: Buffalo News

'Biron is basically a butterfly goalie, which means his game develops from strong positioning and lateral mobility. True to his style, Biron cuts off the bottom of the net by dropping to his knees and kicking his feet toward the goalposts in a maneuver that makes him resemble a butterfly. He covers cross-ice passes by following the puck from side to side on his knees, and relies heavily on a quick glove hand to snag top-shelf shots. When Biron is playing well, his ability to anticipate shooters' moves will draw a lot of pucks directly into his midsection. Biron uses his stick mainly to poke-check and protect the corners of the net, but he also likes to play the puck behind the net. Biron is a better puckhandler than Hasek, but he showed in the preseason that he still hasn't perfected the art of acting as a third defenseman. If the Sabres start the season strong, expect Biron to get more adventurous in this area.'