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Southeast Division, WTF?!?


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It's funny how most knowledgeable hockey fans like to rip on the Southeast division and now they have two straight Stanley Cup champs. Go figure? I did not mind Tampa too much I guess since they had Andreychuck and Craig Ramsay to root for. Carolina is another story. It just sickens me that they won.

I'm not a doomsday kind of person but man... this should have been the Sabres year. The window was cracked open large enough for Buffalo to grab that shiny trophy. We got fortunate to beat a very good Ottawa team in 5 and led going into the 3rd at Carolina. Yes, we all know about the injuries and that was the dagger. Bottom line is that Buffalo will still be good for the next few years but it takes such a combination of skill and good fortune to win the Cup and now we have to go through an entire regular season grind ...and playoffs just to get close again. Unfortunately all our opponents are going to improve too. arghh!

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