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Alfredsson says no union offer coming


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Seems like a chess match now.


Daniel Alfredsson


Alfredsson: No union offer coming


TSN.ca Staff




The NHLPA is not preparing another last minute offer and the union is prepared to "lose the season", according to Ottawa Senators star Daniel Alfredsson.


One of the NHLPA's vice presidents, Alfredsson tells the Ottawa Sun that union officials spoke last week and concluded they would not alter their last offer, which included a 24-percent salary rollback.


"We're not working on anything ... we're not going to do anything to change our offer," Alfredsson tells the newspaper.


"We thought we made them an offer that they could work with. What we found out in that meeting was they have a one-track mind. (Gary Bettman) is stuck on one thing and we're not going to play under a cap system."


"We're willing to lose the season if that's what it takes. We're prepared for it."


Talk of a last minute offer has been swirling as NHL governors prepare to meet with Bettman on January 14.


"I'm still hopeful," Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman tells the Detroit News. "I've got to believe something will get done in the next couple of weeks. But I don't have any reason behind that."


"I have no idea what'll come out of that (Jan. 14) meeting," Yzerman added. "Even if there is an announcement, I don't think that's necessarily the final announcement. The final, final announcement will come later."


"I'm trying to be optimistic," defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom said. "It's tough when there are no negotiations, not even conversations, going on right now."


"Even in 1994, there were negotiations going on and the sides were getting close. Now, nothing is really happening."


Alfredsson says reports that players are putting pressure on union boss Bob Goodenow to get a deal done is false.


"I know that a lot of players are frustrated that we're not playing, but they're also frustrated that we made what we thought was a good offer and the league didn't engage in any kind of discussions to try to make something happen.


"If people are saying that (the players don't support the union), they're wrong."


Alfredsson says if the season is cancelled, he will play for Frolunda in the Swedish league.

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