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  1. Honestly i dont know what else one could expect. Its been a trying start to the season (to understate it), you finally score to make it a 2 goal game & well, I wouldnt expect the boys to be going around like its Chariots of Fire or something. Of course we'd like to see more energy or passion out there, but surely theres bigger things to focus on than how high Olofsson's teammates lifted their sticks after a goal?

    Dont mean for that to sound confrontational or anything, just saying haha

    Regardless we need to have some success out there quick before the whole season implodes

  2. 5 hours ago, SDS said:

    You may need to update your thoughts on John Tortorella, unless you have a time machine and want to hire a coach from 20 years ago.

    There’s a reason why the “kick ass” coaching philosophy isn’t around anymore in any sport. 

    I hear that all the time but Bill Belichick is known to put his players thru hell to toughen them up, he was pretty successful. You look at what the BILLS are doing with their "process" & culture. I don't think its hard to make the leap that if you want a hard working team, they need to practice like a hard practicing team. You can't be all soft & coaxing to your players & then expect them to be dogs & go thru walls for you.  I think the best coaches would have elements of both in them, knowing when to be good cop/bad cap so to speak.

    But our teams have been soft & weak & low effort for years it seems now. Perhaps thats because our coaches arent more like a Torts... idk. At this point i think we're all lost on what to do. All these years of losing becomes too much after awhile

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  3. Great day by Patterson, heck great season so far. 1st rb to rush for back to back 300+ yard games since Ricky Williams did it in 1996.

    Its a shame that coach pulled him before he was able to break both those records.

    But watching the interview after the game, Patterson is a class act. Mentioned all his teammates & said all he cared about was the win. Really impressed by this kid.

    Patterson for the Heisman!

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  4. Pretty much agree with the assessments except for Mitts sniffing the roster at all. And you don't give Thompson that contract to be the 13th forward, so i fully expect him to be slotted in. So i'd guess Lazar & Mitts are the odd men out. 

    Wish we had some hockey going right now. F the year that was 2020, we can't be rid of it soon enough!


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  5. 47 minutes ago, MODO Hockey said:

    Laugh out loud. Yea Sam is actually 4 months younger than Victor, that is true but dont speak of Sam like he would be 'younger' when their both born -95.

    And how can u know how it will look like from 2 years from now? "Not much of a choice" like..

    Victor broke NHL record his first season, lets see how his next 2 looks like. 


    threads like this are largely pointless & fans throw their hot takes around, so we shouldn't take it too seriously. But the question was who is & will be the better "player". Some might value scoring goals as the most important, others may value a more all around game or more "complete player" if you will.

    For me its not close between the 2 given the small sample size for VO & the years worth of growth from Sam. That record you spoke of, VO scoring his 1st 7 goals on the PP is the same reason why i see Sam as being better. Sam scores the vast majority of his goals at ES & is better in just about every other category (that i wont list off all the ones again because all of us should know by now). Thats not meant to discount PPG's at all. But ES goals are harder to come by for most players. Sam also can generate offense on his own. Something i haven't seen from or heard from anyone regarding VO. Until VO shows he's more than just a sniper, yeah I'll think Sam is better any day of the week. Its similar to Skinner vs Sam where i'd say Sam is the better player there as well.

    But once again, i think 'debates' like this are largely pointless lol. Theyre like locker room talk... who's hotter Jenny or Maria? U say Jenny but then when Maria hits you up you're all about her now. I will say it is nice to see a bit of optimism around the board these days. Nice change from the Jbots & why'd we move ROR & Gods do we suck posts!

  6. I went Olofsson for both.

    No of course I didn't, Reinhart Reinhart.

    Not even close. Sam's younger, smarter, more well rounded, better along the boards, plays in front of the net & is a better passer. Also been much more productive over his career, on even strength & just in general, & has much more experience.

    Not much of a choice really. Maybe a better poll would be Skinner vs Reinhart

  7. Read this article on our Defensive Prospects earlier today & thought I'd share it in case any of you want to read it.

    Goes into Borgen, Laaksonen & the bunch & has some not too rosy things to say about Johnson & Samuelsson.

    Its more of a general "where are they now" type piece & doesn't get too analytical or data driven. Still thought some might find it interesting


  8. 14 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    I’m saying it doesn’t matter what the pundits say about our prospect pool. History has shown it has very little bearing on how good our team, or other teams, will be.

    With that said, I’m not sure why that group is any more impressive than Cozens, Jokiharju, Samuelson, Quinn, Peterka, Lukkonnen, Portillo, Thompson, Johnson, Bryson and Mittlestadt. And that’s before you add Dahlin.

    i'd agree with the bolded for sure. Post draft lists like the one in the tweet generally don't amount to much other than a crap shoot. I'd also probably take off Jokiharju & Dahlin from your list of prospects, just from them playing for a couple years in the league already. You could i suppose make a case to remove Thompson as well. Its that age old question of what constitutes a prospect. And many around here would take a bag of pucks for Mittlestadt currently. Cozens looks the part, Quinn we hope wasnt a miss. The goalies we hope take a step forward & represent our future. But I guess a lot of it comes down to if you think the glass is half full or half empty.

    Regardless i think all of us will agree our pool should look better than it does, given how consistently bad our team has been for years (about a decade).

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  9. 9 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    Unlike five or six years ago when people said the Sabres prospect pool was best in the league, right?

    Well 6 years ago we did have a pretty good pool. Reinhart, Ristolainen, Zadorov, Joel Armia, JT Compher, Ulmark, Cal Petersen, Lemiuex, McCabe, Pysyk, Grigorenko. Its just that half of them don't play here anymore. Not sure i understand what you mean then. At 1st it would appear you're taking a jab at them for saying our pool was good back then, which infers they were wrong & hence could be wrong again now. But as far as prospect pools go, it actually looks pretty decent in hindsight, so were they right all along & hence could be right again now?

    I think its pretty well documented around here that our prospect pool sucks comparatively speaking to how many high picks we've had, where we should have more prospects to speak of that are worth something. But due to poor asset managing & bad drafting, we dont have much to show for it. So i guess im just confused by your comment.

  10. 3 hours ago, Zamboni said:

    The team also needs smart players who are incredible passers and setup men. Who can also get 45-55 points a season. Reinhart has that in spades.

    Yep, but do they need to pay him $6.5-7 million a year for that? Or can they get that for cheaper, on a player who also is more aggressive on the forecheck & tougher to play against?

  11. It could take Mitts years to become a legit NHL player (if it ever happens at all). He's only 21, some players take longer to develop & don't reach NHL status til 24. Can we keep paying him & keep him around that long? If he could be moved for a goalie we need now, i think we'd be crazy not to do so.

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  12. I'm excited that we signed Hall no doubt. But I wonder if Toffoli would've been the smarter acquisition, had it been possible. Who knows what it would've taken to sign him here but just say its the same deal as Montreal, 4x4.25. Would 4 years of Toffoli at RW on a pretty good deal, been better than 1 year of Hall at LW for $8mil?

    I dont mean to sound like im throwing shade on the Hall signing, but i'm just wondering what some of you might think about it. Just seems with that price we could've added 2 good players for the price of one & that would seem to be the shrewder move imo. Of course it takes 2 to tango & Toffoli had his choice of teams to go to so theres no telling if he would've wanted to be here. The RaKru relationship with Hall seemed to be an important part of the Hall deal. Either way im not complaining 😛

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