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  1. 15 hours ago, SDS said:

    I would have use the the topic that has 10 pages filled with logistics as the logistics topic. That’s just me. No one is turning this thread into a game thread because people won’t stop quoting past posts. 

    I appreciate the thread and will try to check-in under wifi, maybe with 2 cents of whats going on. Obviously noticed all the Insta posts this morning with some guys on the ice already with family, friends and the first practice. Nice touch bringing Pilut along.

    Really curious on what/who the media will be travelling over for coverage, planning on O'Learys' Thursday night. O'Learys looks like a pretty modern sports bar, curious on the Bills coverage Sunday night.........

    Airport transport seems abundant, as long as we get downtown to the station were golden, no pun intended. 

  2. 50 minutes ago, steveoath said:

    Stockholm pass is well worth it if you are there for long. For me not so much as we're in on Friday and away on Sunday. Sadly Stockholm pass isnt accepted on train or flygbussarna bus from airport.

    The VASA museum on djurgarden is outstanding btw. In fact Djurgarden is really nice. Lots to see. 

    Yes, thanks for the recommendations, planning on lots of museums and palaces. This is a 20th wedding anniversary trip, so there's alot of compromise going on and I'm sure I will never hear the end of "We went to Sweden to see a hockey game" Ugh.......worth it!

  3. On 10/26/2019 at 3:49 AM, steveoath said:

    Where is everyone sitting? We've got tickets for the Saturday in the "buffalo fan area" behind the goal.

    I believe we are lower bowl section 11 which is basically an offensive zone 7 rows up. Ended up with better value Saturday night.

    curious which goal end is buffalo end ?!?


  4. On 10/24/2019 at 12:38 PM, MODO Hockey said:


    I'll be traveling the 8th, in the morning to Stockholm. 

    Meetup @ Helenas bar och kök 3 hours before the game. 
    Taxi for all to the game from the restaurant. 

    Who wants in for dinner ? 

    Currently i've made reservations for 8 people

    This is the menu:




    This one is a beast! ?

    (Sirloin Steak Beefsteak with homemade béarnaise sauce, garlic butter, Jack Daniel sauce, grilled corn, crispy lettuce. Served with potato wedges)


    Hey Guys, 

    Wifey and I would’ve love to catch up if possible. We’ll be settled Wednesday afternoon to start exploring.
    All I have heard is an open public practice on Thursday afternoon 3pm?!? Anyone else hear that?

    private message for communication, will probably use WhatsApp internationally.

    looking forward to it!

  5. Being polish/Italian buffalo, I have learned to be favored to the rye family through experience. Bullit rye through four roses Kentucky distillery has been the best thing going. Almost like drinking for your blood type theory.


    The ten year is even more of an experience if you can get your hands on. If you like Jim beam as a house bourbon, bullit is the way to go.



    Haha! I thought the same thing....then I thought Artie Lange......I didn't see when he pulled that stunt.


    I think she needs to next do a Wizzard of Oz characature in her animated style of Pegula, Ted Black, Benson, Darcy and Rolston as the Witch, Wizzard, Lion, Tin Man, and Dorothy...and maybe put James Patrick in the basket as Toto. Then have Gerbe and Ennis as Loompas.......Lithograph limited to 300....this board alone will buy half of them at $100.

    I would buy the wizard litho. Requesting Hecht as Dorothy

  7. Back at it again for another Sabres Anthem, available now on iTunes.. check it out!



    Great job! thumbs up. All the best this season guys! Will be at Panthers games in next couple months if all goes well.


    And 137,000 views on YouTube. This guy's good. Think maybe the material isn't very good right now?



    This isnt 06-07; come on; nice video, well remembered. long time gone; move on. Kotalik? really? Where's Nathan Paetsch btw? All to say is playoffs 3 of the last 4 years.....reality. need to bring 110% each and every day, everybody

  8. This is a great topic and I have enjoyed reading every response!


    I have some experience in this arena, both from being old and from making educational trips to both Ireland and Scotland, where I took courses and visited several distilleries. I tried single malts in both countries that we will never see over here, and even got to taste a couple that were over fifty years old. It is a fascinating subject to learn about, and if you cannot be so lucky as to go to either country personally, be sure and read up on it!


    I am certainly not a snob about whisk(e)y, and the best advice I can give is to try as many as you can, because no two are the same. I agree that one cube is the only thing that should be added to single malt, as it will cut it just enough as it melts, as by all means SIP, don't shoot.


    My recommendations for reasonably priced, readily available, mild whiskies to start with include:

    Scotch : Glenfiddich or Glenmorangie - not peaty or smokey (which are a taste most work up to)

    Irish : Red Breast or Black Bush (by Bushmills)

    Bourbon : Maker's Mark or Knob Creek


    As this is a subjective topic based on individual taste, each of us will have our own favorites and recommendations and nobody is wrong! It is something that is alot of fun to discuss, especially while sampling some of the product, and accompanied by a good cigar!



    Nice synopsis. I remember having some newbie friends over a couple years ago for a tasting. I basically served them Johnnie Walker Red and Black, did drams of each with and without a cube or two just to show them how much it changes. For me, it has always been an afterdinner thing.


    The first bottle I ever bought was Jameson, remember making coffees and such. Little starchy for me now. About once a year I'll pick up a Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, or a Johnnie for a special occasion around the house. Mother-in law lives on Dewars and soda, when she's not on the top shelf, its King Edwards or White horse. They bought me a subscription to a single malt of the month club one year and the stuff was raw lighter fluid nuclear :sick:

  9. I hate it when my mind draws a blank on my weekly plus/minus feature, whether it's one or the other. Hopefully, this fills the gap.


    Plus because of Minus


    On to a genuine complaint:

    As it is, I'd been mulling over a switch for the past 2-3 months. However, this past week, with all the sitting around and getting forced to go to points around Philly/NJ/Tri-State area was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was time for me to "pull the trigger" and get the switch done.

    Good for you! I hope it works out. Keep on truckin'

  10. People who apply for jobs that:

    1. Have no relative experience
    2. Cannot even fill out an appropriate application
    3. Have the phone skills of a 4th grader
    4. Dont even use spellcheck on their own resume

    I would love to give people a chance, but you need to help yourself first. :wallbash:

  11. People are going to hate me for responding, but, well, some of them hate me anyway...


    Why does gold need to be the standard? Things have value because humans say the things have value. Doesn't matter if it's gold, Honus Wagner baseball cards, four-leaf clovers, model rocketships, or bottles of "fine" wine. None of those are intrinsically valuable; they only have value because we arbitrarily decide they have value. So if it's portraits of dead presidents on linen paper, instead of a metal that has no scientific application besides its ability to conduct electricity, who cares?


    If you feel the need to base money on something tangible, why not grains of sand, or coffee beans, or iron nuggets, or silver, platinum, carbon, or whatever other element? Why gold?


    There's really nothing that special about gold, unless you're buying jewelry. Then, it's pretty. (But so are tulips, and what happened when the economy was based on those?)

    Do you believe the 401k is the biggest scam of the middle class of all-time? Seriously, just wondering. And after that Social Security or basically anything that comes out of my paycheck? Let me decide what to do with the money I earn!!!!


    Whew....That's was a pretty good one for my Thursday rant.


    I hear ya #11 :thumbsup:

  12. I hate lazy people I work with who will not do their job, but won't explain the reasoning behind being a lazy POS

    I may have more later depending on how the day goes

    Perfect example yesterday. We have a can for trash (food waste), a can for plastic/aluminum, and a can for glass only. The stewards take the cans when they are full to the dumpster area to empty and bring back. In the meantime, if there is two of the three cans present, people will just throw food atop the glass or plastic in the trash. And they give me an excuse of there is no system! when I watch them throw anything anywhere :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: These people have been working here all summer!


    One thing about summer help. I understand it is not your "chosen" profession, and you are going to school to become something something something. In the meantime, you are here and if this is the energy and self motivation you exude now I hope to god you got something else in the tank. good Luck with your "real job" <_<

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