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  1. I appreciate the thread and will try to check-in under wifi, maybe with 2 cents of whats going on. Obviously noticed all the Insta posts this morning with some guys on the ice already with family, friends and the first practice. Nice touch bringing Pilut along. Really curious on what/who the media will be travelling over for coverage, planning on O'Learys' Thursday night. O'Learys looks like a pretty modern sports bar, curious on the Bills coverage Sunday night......... Airport transport seems abundant, as long as we get downtown to the station were golden, no pun intended.
  2. Yes, thanks for the recommendations, planning on lots of museums and palaces. This is a 20th wedding anniversary trip, so there's alot of compromise going on and I'm sure I will never hear the end of "We went to Sweden to see a hockey game" Ugh.......worth it!
  3. Pretty sure it’s on the rail line. i was looking into the Stockholm pass.com package, mobile version $160 5 day adult. Basically unlimited city transportation and 60 Museums etc.
  4. I believe we are lower bowl section 11 which is basically an offensive zone 7 rows up. Ended up with better value Saturday night. curious which goal end is buffalo end ?!?
  5. Hey Guys, Wifey and I would’ve love to catch up if possible. We’ll be settled Wednesday afternoon to start exploring. All I have heard is an open public practice on Thursday afternoon 3pm?!? Anyone else hear that? private message for communication, will probably use WhatsApp internationally. looking forward to it!
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