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How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm?

'"There is plenty of potential here," Cunneyworth said of the situation in Rochester. "I think we have some guys that definitely could go into camp next fall and challenge for jobs depending on what happens with roster moves up there. We also have some players that in their case, the timing may just be bad. They could be ready but it depends what happens in the off-season here."'

Defining Darcy

‘Under Golisano, the success story of the Buffalo Sabres is still flourishing, yet floundering. They are flourishing in the fact that the club is still young and exciting. They are floundering that — being a small market team — they can only spend so much in order to turn a profit with every oncoming season. Already burdened with a bunch of salaries from last season’s record amount of players that could have filed for arbitration ($29.3 million split amongst 13 players), the team has dug themselves a hole in order to improve off of last year’s team.’

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

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Sabres need to pay price of success

‘It was not so long ago that the stands were full of empty seats and the playoffs were something that other teams did. I doubt if the Sabres, given the boost of league revenue-sharing and the safety net of billionaire Golisano, will slip back to the bad old days. But putting a good product on the ice is the secret to sellouts and deep, profit-padding playoff runs. Saving a few salary dollars could cost Golisano far more in the long run.’

Signs point Sabre fans to the worst

‘But if I were a betting man, I’d wager that neither Chris Drury nor Daniel Briere will be playing hockey for Buffalo next season.’

A big offer to Vanek could force Sabres' hand

'A team with lots of cap space seeking scoring depth could potentially offer Vanek between $5 million and $6 million per season. If Regier matched the offer he'd retain Vanek, but at the expense of using up far more of his cap space for next season than originally intended, making it difficult to re-sign his other free agents.'

Monday’s Rochester Coverage

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Sabres may cut costs & lose players

‘Sabres fans better have enjoyed last season, because times are going to change. It appears that the idea that it was “all or nothing” last season for the Sabres was true. Buffalo spent up to the cap because it was a last ditch effort to win the Cup before they implemented their own salary cap to become more financially responsible.’

Cap going over Sabres heads

‘“Would it be considered a success,” Sabres owner B. Thomas Golisano asked, “when you have a team that sells out every game and sells out all the suites but would lose money unless they were in the playoffs? That’s a thing an organization like the Buffalo Sabres must be aware of.”‘

Sabres Face Uncertain Offseason

‘To all of the ‘‘bandwagon’’ fans: Thank you for joining in on the ride. I appreciate being able to walk into a bar and seeing the game on without having to ask for the Yankees game to be switched off. I know I have heard a lot of negative comments about ‘‘bandwagon’’ fans in recent months, but I appreciate your support. I hope the run made some ‘‘real’’ fans out of you. If not, hopefully the wagon will be circling again next year and we do it all again, minus the last week or so. I like to talk hockey, and there have been plenty more people willing to talk it with me this year than ever before (I came to town in 2003). So, thank you, sincerely.’

A look ahead

'I think the Sabres will still be strong. As of right now, I don’t know what free agents loom that the Sabres could acquire or what impact other prospects within the organization may have. As for the results next season, the Sabres again will be an “underdog.” That title seems to fit them better. Who knows? People are already counting them out for next season. I think they have a shot of being a legitimate contender — again.'

Milton&#8217s Ryan waits on fate

‘So where does Ryan fit in this scenario? Ideally, still in Buffalo, but certainly, after this season, he thinks he should be someplace in the NHL.’

Campbell creating opportunities

'Campbell has spent the past two years working hand-and-hand with Summit Educational Resources, a school that focuses on helping children with autism. Dedicated staff members work at the school to assist more than 1000 students a year to try and help them achieve a full and productive life. "For me, I take a lot out of it," said Campbell about volunteering at Summit.'

Dan Paille seeks to play bigger role with Sabres

'Paille, a restricted free agent, hopes to play a bigger role with the Sabres next season. He may get his wish especially if the club can't re-sign forwards Chris Drury and Daniel Briere, who are both without contracts for next season. The 23-year-old said he envisions changes will be made to the team in the off-season. "Some guys you can't keep because of money," he said.'

Rigas conviction upheld

'The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of the 82-year-old Rigas and his son, Timothy J. Rigas, on charges of securities fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and bank fraud. The court did reverse their conviction on one lesser count.'