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Friday’s New York Coverage

Sabres not hip to Darius (New York Daily News)

Renney is hip to Darius’ check (New York Post)

Renney on Darius’ hit: It was clean (Newsday)

Rangers’ Kasparaitis believes no apology is needed (White Plains Journal News)

Friday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks digging deep for postseason (Rochester D&C)

Don Cherry has roots in AHL and Rochester (

Thursday’s New York Coverage

Sabres coach rough on Darius (Newsday)

Rangers’ Kasparaitis accused of ‘dirty’ play (White Plains Journal News)

Thursday’s Toronto Coverage (Updated 1:00 p.m.)

Sabres steady despite injuries (Toronto Sun)

In for the long haul (National Post)

Leafs Game Day (National Post)

Buffalo (30-15-3) at Toronto (24-21-3) (AP)

Maple Leafs hope to snap skid against shorthanded Sabres (Sportsticker)

Buffalo Sabres (30-15-3) at Toronto Maple Leafs (24-21-3) (The Sports Network)

Leafs try to come in from the cold (CBC Sports)

Sabres' emotions front and center

'The hit that caused the position shifting – Kasparaitis' low check on Connolly along the boards Tuesday in a 2-1 Sabres victory – was deemed legal by Regier. But he, like his team, didn't like it. "I would be supportive of taking those hits out of the game," said Regier, who added discussions about the legality of hip checks have been held at GM meetings. "That isn't even a hip check. You're catching him with your rear end, and it's low enough, especially with someone like Kasparaitis, it's low enough to be in the knee area."'

Miller making the difference for the Sabres

'Already, it seems, we are taking him for granted. Miller makes difficult saves in crucial moments, on the road, against top opponents – and you react with an impassive shrug. This is borderline blasphemy, but he is beginning to remind me of Dominik Hasek, who had a way of making the sensational save seem ordinary.'

Sabres vs. Maple Leafs

'The last time the Sabres trailed by three goals and won was Feb. 14, 2004, at Toronto (6-4).'

In for the long haul

'Crozier still heads to the rink — the Sabres' head offices inside the HSBC Arena — every day at 5:45 a.m. His official title with Buffalo is "special consultant," though most of the consulting he does now is over the phone with fans looking to buy tickets and perhaps talk about the success of the current squad. "I've been out of the hockey department since [Ted] Nolan left in 1999, but I'm still part of it all," Crozier says. "I like coming to the rink. I like seeing the players. I like doing my thing."'

Upon further review

'In fact I only have one problem with the league's use of video replay. It's that in the case of this year's Buffalo Sabres they just can't seem to get it right.'

Sabres steady despite injuries

'The Sabres, 15 games over .500 and pursuing their first playoff berth in four seasons, have weathered the losses of Daniel Briere, J.P. Dumont, Pyatt and defenceman Dmitri Kalinin — and remained one of the best defensive teams in the National Hockey League.'

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks continue to stumble at home (Rochester D&C)

Amerks swap give-away goals in loss to Manitoba (Rochester D&C)

Moose end road woes with win (Winnipeg Sun)

Home Woes Continue (

Manitoba 3, Rochester 1 (AP)

Moose beat Amerks 3-1 (

Moose beat Amerks, extend win streak to five (

Connolly Sent To IR – Sabres Angry

'Drury and Mike Grier, who both attempted to fight Kaspiritis during the game but the Ranger defenseman flopped without a fight to draw a penalty, were angry that a "hockey code" was broken when he didn't stand up and defend himself. Drury said, "I don't think that much of a 240 pound man that was out there flopping around out there like a squirt… I actually feel embarrassed for him the way that he just didn't stand up for himself."'

Connolly to miss six-to-eight weeks

'In 48 games this season, Connolly has nine goals and 29 assists.'

Hit Heard Around the Room

“Everyone’s still pretty angry,” said Sabres co-captain Chris Drury. “It was a dirty hit to chop the knees right out from under the guy.”

Sabres accuse Kasparaitis of intending to injure Connolly

‘”I thought it was cheap, I thought he went low at the knees,” Ruff said Wednesday. “It may not be the dirtiest hit … but he didn’t have to go low. He’s known for that. He’s a cheap shot artist.”‘