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Sabres: NHL deal lets us compete

'"There's no secret that my first full year as owner (2003-04) we lost $10 million," Golisano said. "You can't do that many more years after one. Before this new agreement, 19 of 30 teams were losing money and there was the chance of two or three teams dropping off every year. But we have a financial system now that makes every team viable."'

Sabres play again at Blue Cross Arena

'Managing partner Larry Quinn has been in discussions with arena officials concerning available dates in October and November. He said the Sabres have identified one or two potential opponents, but still must be granted permission from the team before the game can be moved from HSBC Arena in Buffalo. "You'll have a good opponent," Quinn said, though he refused to say who was being considered.'

Cunneyworth, Houda don't yet have contracts

'MSG will carry the Sabres in the Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse markets. Rick Jeanneret will again do play-by-play and Jim Lorenz will be the analyst. Larry Quinn, managing partner for the Sabres, said pregame and postgame shows also are planned. Don't worry about conflicts with New York Rangers games, or New York Mets baseball for that matter. Rangers games are blacked out in the Rochester/Buffalo market because this is Sabres territory.'

Tuesday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks’ Elite Hockey Camp begins this week (

Sabres Back in Business

‘“The Buffalo Sabres are here in Buffalo to stay, with new financial ability. All that risk should be gone, appears to be gone,” team owner Tom Golisano said. “With all the rule changes, we should have a more exciting and interesting game.”’

Golisano hails new NHL labor deal for securing Sabres’ future

‘”I think people feel they want to have a hope and a prayer that their team is going to have a chance at the Stanley Cup,” Golisano said. “With this new parity and new stability, it should make for a more competitive environment.”‘

Sabres 2005 draft preview

‘Prior to the ratification of the new CBA, much of the Sabres drafting of the past seven or eight years had been dictated by the bottom line. Many of their top selections came from the college or European ranks, which virtually ensured that the player would not have to be signed to a contract as quickly as would a player from the junior ranks. While there may still be some of that past strategy in the Sabres approach to their first round selections in the post-CBA world, the more even financial landscape should allow Darcy Regier and the Sabres scouting department to focus more fully on all prospects available.’

Darcy Regier And Larry Quinn On WGR

‘Regier said that he did want to make an effort to re-sign both Alexi Zhitnik and Miroslav Satan. Zhitnik is unrestricted, and currently the Sabres and the league are discussing whether the team can speak with him. To re-sign Satan, the Sabres would have to make a $3.8 million qualifying offer, which is being debated by the organization.’

Buffalo Sabres to host 2005 NHL draft party

'Broadcasting live from HSBC Arena will be Brad Riter and Jeremy White from WGR Radio 550, the radio home of the Buffalo Sabres. There will be free parking, food, and drinks provided. Everyone in attendance will also have the opportunity to meet and get autographs from current Sabres, Sabretooth, and Alumni. Plus, there will be plenty of games and activities for the kids including an inflatable slide, Sabretooth’s house, face painting, and more.'

CBA Information Session

Sabres Owner, B. Thomas Golisano, managing partner, Larry Quinn, general manager, Darcy Regier, head coach, Lindy Ruff and COO, Daniel Dipofi met with local media members for almost two hours discussing a variety of issues from tagging to the team’s general “cap” philosophy.

2005 Draft Party

Sabres fans are invited to come down to HSBC Arena and watch the live broadcast of the 2005 NHL entry Draft from Ottawa where the Sabres will have the 13th overall pick as determined by last week’s NHL Lottery Draft.

Drastically Reduced Prices

This drastic rollback, between 12 and 28%, is the largest one-time reduction in the organization’s 36-year history and will make the Buffalo Sabres average ticket price one of the lowest in the NHL this season.

Golisano: New deal 'nothing but good'

'As for the team, Darcy Regier, the Sabres' general manager, said he expects it to operate with a player payroll in the $27 million to $29 million range, well below the league maximum cap of $39 million and about $4 million less than the $33 million player payroll it carried in the 2003-2004 season.'

Conversation With Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff

'On the topic of who will be in the Sabres net next season, Ruff had this to say. "I don't want to say that just because Ryan Miller played the whole year that he's going to have the advantage. Marty (Biron) has been working hard, he's been training. Mika Noronen had a good year. There are questions but right now I don't think you can put value or discount value."'

Free Agent Tracker

‘The world is full of possibilities for the Buffalo Sabres under the newly ratified Collective Bargaining Agreement. With the cap system, no longer will larger market teams be able to spend exurbanite amounts of money on free agents.’