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Reshaping hockey's future

'The Sabres have devised a cage that maintains the post-to-post width at 6 feet at the top and bottom while bowing the sides outward and the crossbar upward. The posts would peak 3 inches wider than the current form, while the crossbar would be 6 inches higher at the crest. The net also wouldn't be as deep, to facilitate wraparounds.'

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks need to cut short spring break (Rochester D&C)

Only 900 tickets remain for Amerks’ game Friday (

Sabres Responsible For One Of The Modern Nets

'One of the nets that will be presented to the NHL general managers next week has been designed by the Sabres organization. Goaltender Ryan Miller and Managing partner Larry Quinn came up with the design of the net with goalposts that curve outwards and up along the crossbar.'

Sabre Legends: Randy Cunneyworth

'Randy Cunneyworth's career began and ended with the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans. But for the longest time it appeared that Randy Cunneyworth would never have an NHL career.'

Tuesday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks play three games in three days (

Good thing Berman didn't finance Sabres

'At the time, Berman looked like the white knight the Sabres needed. As it turned out, he would have been the last thing the team needed.'

Sunday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks Have a Meltdown (

Saturday’s Rochester Coverage

Bears maul Amerks (Rochester D&C)

AHL will thrive on youth next season (Rochester D&C)

Souza fuels rout (Harrisburg Patriot News)

Amerk Aberation (

Hershey 6, Rochester 1 (AP)

Bears defeat Amerks 6-1 (

Hats off to Souza as Bears bomb Rochester 6-1 (

Friday’s Rochester Coverage

Janik heals after strange rash (Rochester D&C)

Storm’s Dufresne travels well (Toledo Blade)

Randy Cunneyworth Bobblehead night Friday (

Gage, Donner and Economides on Matthews’ show tonight (

Amerks announce ticket pricing for playoffs (

Sabres will put area's best teens on display

'"We are always surprised at the number of kids who play hockey in Buffalo and yet the real lack proportionately of Division I scholarships and NHL players," Sabres managing partner Larry Quinn said. "What we've been consciously trying to do here with the Sabres is develop a program from the grass roots, which (youth hockey manager) Pat Fisher has been running for some years now, to start to correct some of that. This is one step."'

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

Cup Stops By (

Ryan Miller in AHL card set (

Buffalo Sabres announce Scotty Bowman showcase

'“Tom Golisano wanted to do more for Buffalo and Rochester area high school players to showcase their talents,” said Buffalo Sabres Managing Partner, Larry Quinn. “The talent level of teenagers in both cities is quite high and he felt this event will create some fun-filled competition between the two cities. Furthermore, Tom was very pleased when he contacted Scotty Bowman and he agreed to lend his name and participate in this event. It will be a great experience for each participant.”'

Sabres Announce Scotty Bowman Showcase

'The game will be played at HSBC Arena on April 15th with the juniors on the ice first at 6pm and then the seniors at 8:30pm. The winner of the second game will be awarded the Scotty Bowman Cup that will be similar looking to the Stanley Cup.'

Top high schoolers play for 'Scotty Cup'

'The Buffalo Sabres will highlight some of the best young amateur hockey talent in Western New York with the Scotty Bowman Showcase on April 15 in HSBC Arena.'

Fans React to the Blue Ice, Submit Suggestions

'"The only thing that I didn't like was that the goal/icing line remained red, as well as the border around the crease. I think that they should also have been orange. But to make that look good the goal posts would also need to be painted orange. That is my idea… I really liked the blue ice, just change the goal line and the nets and it would be awesome."'