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Need a few more GMs for new free simulation league

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Hey everyone, we have just started a league. We are now in our sixth round of fantasy drafting, and two owners did not send me their picks in the fifth round. The rule is that if they don't send me picks two rounds in a row I replace them. All thirty NHL teams are represented in our league, and the 30 owners are supposed to send their fantasy picks to me by Monday morning. I am certain that at least one of the two that did not send me their fantasy picks for round five will not send their sixth round fantasy picks to me, and for the ones that don't, I need replacement owners.

Our league runs every year, and you get to keep the players that you have until those players retire. We simulate the games with a program similar to nhl2006, and the scores and stats are posted on the website. If you want to read the rules for our league go to http://perennialleague.proboards74.com and check out the rules. If you would like to be an owner send me an email at thephlcommish@hotmail.com, and let me know that you want to be an owner. I can almost guarantee you that you will have a team because some of our owners will not send in their picks. We are looking for active owners, so please only request a team if you are willing to spend some time on it.


If you want a team, your email should include the following:

Your name

Your city of residence

A 6th round fantasy draft list.

If you go to the proboards website, and click on the board called "fantasy draft," and then the thread, also titled "fantasy draft," you will see that each team is listed with the numbers 1-40 below them. Beside all the numbers 1-5 are players. These players have already been picked, so your sixth round list should not include these players. Also, you can draft any person who has reached draft eligible age, so Bobby Ryan is available to be drafted, but Phil Kessel is not. If you have any questions during this process, post on the board called "general board" (guests can post on this board) and someone should answer your question within an hour or two. Our owners are very active, and helpful, so they should be able to help you. Hope to hear from you, The PHL Commish, Mike.

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