The Sabres Report - July 13, 2016

Campoli recovers from scary collision at Sabres scrimmage   

Buffalo News:

‘“I just finished my check,” Carrier said. “I didn’t really know what happened. I think he banged his head on the ice. … I think he lost his balance and fell backwards. He hit his head, tried to get up and hit his head again.”’

Sabres GM Murray on Vesey: 'This is his show right now'   

Buffalo News:

‘”We went down there. We spoke to him. I told him he doesn’t owe anybody anything. He went to school for four years and he became a free agent so now he’s got to make the right decision for him. There’s no timetable.”‘

Meet Sabres Prospect Brandon Hagel   

Buffalo News:

‘”I just need to play hard,” Hagel said. “I need to play my game. I use my hockey sense and work as hard as I possibly can.”‘

Sabres GM Tim Murray knows Jimmy Vesey could sign elsewhere   

Olean Times Herald:

‘“I’ve talked about this literally less than anyone else in Buffalo,” Murray said Tuesday inside HarborCenter. “I hear the guys on the radio and people are mad. This is like top-end news. I think I paid less attention to this than anybody.”’

Sabres prospect Michael Campoli released from hospital   

Olean Times Herald:

‘“He was obviously speaking and joking a little bit and he was moving his extremities a little bit,” Murray said before Campoli was released.’

Bailey now a veteran at Sabres Development Camp   

Amherst Bee:

‘“It’s crazy. In the four years I’ve been coming, there’s been three different coaching staffs. You get to know different coaches and see different philosophies,” Bailey said. “The attitude as a whole has changed. The moves they’re making; the guys they’re bringing in. You can see the competitiveness and how tough it’s going to be to make this team in the fall. Those are all positive things.”’

Nylander siblings add wrinkle to Leafs-Sabres rivalry   

Toronto Star:

‘“It’s going to be a lot of fun playing against my brother,” Alex said the night he was drafted. “We’ll be friends, of course. We’re really close to each other. I don’t think it would affect anything like that. We’d just enjoy every moment playing against each other.”’

Sabres see a good future after Prospects Camp   


‘I had mentioned during Saturday’s scrimmage that it was obvious that Justin Bailey, Nick Baptiste and Carrier were older players. They dominated in every way, especially physically. Murray said that’s what he took away from the week, “I think Justin Bailey was a man, I think he showed that in the 3-on-3, you saw some strength, the power moves to the net, some hitting by guys that did spend time in the American League like Carrier, Bailey and Baptiste, so on a consistent basis, I think they’re ahead of the kids because their attitude is, I’m a pro player and have been a pro player and I’m going to make management and coaches take a long look at me in camp this year.”’

Sabres' Murray doesn't worry about what Vesey will do   


‘Vesey can wait as long as he’d like to make a decision and Murray feels there’s no timetable. He said, “I felt really good about the meeting, we got great feedback about the meeting, but this is his show right now and if he wants to reach out to us and have another meeting then we’re there, but for this it’s in his court and I don’t sit at home and speculate about this. He’s either going to sign here or he’s not.”’

Sabres 'Team Teal' wins French Connection Tournament   


‘”We picked up Fasching on the trade deadline there, so that was pretty big for us. I thought we were going to play four guys,” teammate William Carrier joked after the tournament. “We didn’t sign him for a lot of money, maybe a PTO so he wanted to come here.”‘

Murray: 'Justin Bailey was a man' during 3-on-3 tournament   


‘”I think today Justin Bailey was a man,” Murray told reporters after the 3-on-3 French Connection Tournament. “I think he showed that in the 3-on-3. His team didn’t win, but you saw some strength stuff, some power moves to the net, hitting by guys that spent some time in the American league. (William) Carrier two years, (Nick) Baptiste and Bailey one year.”‘

Sabres camp invite taken off ice on stretcher   


‘Campoli was hit by forward William Carrier and stayed down on the ice, while a crowd of trainers came to attend to him. The defenseman was eventually turned onto his back as the medical team stabilized his neck, and then loaded onto the stretcher and was taken off the ice. Before leaving the ice, he was alert and conversing with the training staff.’

Sabres GM says it's Jimmy Vesey's 'show right now'

‘”It is what it is,” Murray said at Sabres development camp. “We made a trade, we traded one of our four third-round picks to be able to talk to him. We went down there and spoke to him. I told him he doesn’t owe anybody anything. He went to school for four years and he became a free agent. He needs to make the right decision for him, there’s no timetable. I felt really good about the meeting. I got great feedback about the meeting.”‘

Five Questions with Dan Bylsma

‘”We don’t really have very many power forwards in the game anymore. It’s a rare commodity. But Kyle fits into that role. He’s big (6-foot, 217-pounds), powerful and strong and he skates well. But I think since 2013-14, what he’s really started to do is get to the inside with his physical game, play on the inside and be able to finish from that area. He’s got great skill; there’s no question about that. If you watch his shootout moves, you can see he has good hands, good abilities. He’s got a great shot and I think he’s developed that in his game over the course of his career. But early on in his career, he wasn’t as consistent in getting into the hard areas inside to be effective. Now that’s where he’s thriving. That’s how he’s turned into a 25- to 30-goal guy.’

Strong wills lead to teal victory at French Connection Tournament

‘When the day began, Borgen’s squad included William Carrier, Paul Geiger, Victor Olofsson and Austin Osmanski. They won only two games in the round-robin portion of the tournament, both on Borgen’s shootout goals. Olofsson went down with an injury during their quarterfinal matchup with Hudson Fasching’s Gray team, a 1-0 Teal win, and Fasching switched over to Teal.’