The Sabres Report - July 12, 2015

Sabres' Reinhart boosted by extra year, Eichel arrival

‘”That was probably the hardest part about going back [to juniors],” Reinhart said. “When I got sent down after my nine games, [Sabres general manager Tim Murray] was aware that if I want to be in this position this year that I am in now, I would have to take some of my game away off the ice. When I went back to junior, it’s challenging. I want to be 100 percent every day when I went on the ice. But to be able to get in the gym and to be where I was at the end of the year, both on and off the ice, I think was essential for me.”‘

The Sabres Report - July 11, 2015

Fans get a glimpse of the Sabres’ future   

Buffalo News:

‘The fans upped their decibel level for the big boys, of course. After realizing Sam Reinhart had scored the third goal of the night, the noise rose from hearty applause to full-throated shouting.’

Scrimmage has festive Christmas-in-July feeling   

Buffalo News:

‘“This place was jammed around the rink,” said new coach Dan Bylsma, who was equally floored at how jammed his news conference was for early July too. “And even coming to the game with the weather, it had the feel and excitement of a playoff game almost with the people that were here. Seventeen thousand for July 10. Pretty awesome.”’

McCabe hopes he's ready to take next step   

Buffalo News:

‘“I can’t say exactly where I’ll fit in, but I’m hoping to play my best hockey I’ve played and show the coaching staff that I am ready to play at that next level,” McCabe said in First Niagara Center. “I’ve obviously played a few games at that level, and I think I fit in and can play at that NHL level and play against the top players in the world. I’m hoping to prove that in camp.”’

Reinhart outshines Eichel in Sabres camp scrimmage   

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

‘Or, in the friendly chatter between Sabres coach Dan Bylsma, a Michigan native, and general manager Tim Murray, a Canadian citizen, it was Canada 3 (for the goals produced by Reinhart’s line), the USA 0.’

Jack Eichel and Sabres prospects wowed by support from Buffalo fans   

Olean Times Herald:

‘“That was probably one of the most fun games of hockey I think I’ve ever played in my life,” said winger Justin Bailey, a Williamsville native who scored early. “You go out there for warm-ups and you get the little nervous jitters.”’

Jack Eichel chooses No. 15; Andrew Allen hired as goalie coach   

Olean Times Herald:

‘When Eichel debuts in October, he’ll become the 21st player in franchise history to wear No. 15, which has accounted for 254 goals. Former captain Gerry Meehan, who scored 94 goals, and Dixon Ward, a big contributor during the 1999 run to the Stanley Cup final, are the most notable.’

Reinhart, Carrier shine in Sabres' scrimmage   

Batavia Daily News:

‘“It was a fun game to play but it was tough. I feel like I’ve been bouncing around everywhere lately and haven’t really been able to settle into a groove,” Eichel said.’

Sabres' scrimmage draws a crowd of 17,115; Reinhart dominates   


‘Reinhart captivated the crowd’s attention with a three point night, sandwiching an assist between two goals, the last one coming off a nice pass from William Carrier in the 3rd period. For the cherry on top, he smoked the goaltender in a shootout round held by the team after the game.’

Reinhart takes the spotlight from Eichel   


‘Eichel did show power while skating and players did have problems getting the puck off his stick. There were other times where he did look sluggish.’

The history of the Buffalo Sabres #15   


‘Gerry Meehan was the first Sabre to wear it and he is far and away still the best player to ever wear it.’

Sabres scrimmage draws 17,000 to see Eichel

‘”It was definitely an unbelievable crowd,” Eichel said. “It’s crazy to think there were 17,000 people here for a scrimmage in July, but like I said earlier, it says a lot about Buffalo and how passionate they are for the Sabres.”‘

Sabres rookie Eichel decides to wear No. 15

‘”I think [41] is just a number and I’ll get another number at training camp,” Eichel said. “Fifteen is not my number until I make the team.”‘


‘“There is always things you can do better, whether it’s fatigue in certain points or whether you’re a little off it mentally, it’s tough to jump into game action,” Reinhart said. “But I thought I handled it pretty well and I felt a lot more comfortable as the game went along.”’


‘“It was definitely an unbelievable crowd,” Eichel said afterward. “It’s crazy to think there were 17,000 people here for a scrimmage in July, but like I said earlier it says a lot about Buffalo and how passionate they are about the Sabres.”’