Attention turns to Miller, future

Via: Buffalo News

‘“Once we get a little further down the line, that stuff will come up,” said Miller, who is the object of choice for Sabres management. “I’m well aware of what’s been printed and said [about the team wanting a contract]. Anytime someone talks about you that way it’s encouraging. I feel comfortable here. I like it here a lot. To have the confidence from my management team, from my coaching staff, it means a lot to me. But moving forward, this is just something that’s going to have to be discussed with them first. Just ’cause [managing partner] Larry [Quinn] comes out and places it as a goal doesn’t mean it’s been talked about with me. They haven’t talked to me about anything formally. That’s something that really can’t transpire until July. I don’t expect anything other than getting a little break from hockey right now.”’