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New Blues assistant feels sorry for old team

'"I think everybody's shocked," Lever said. "I think that's what's happened to the team. It's easy to say it didn't effect them, but you just have to look at the way they're playing now. They started off strong. I think they just couldn't dig themselves out of reading all those negative reports."'

Gameday: Sabres at Blues

'Buffalo has the worst record in the NHL at 15-24-7-3. It has scored a league-low 108 goals, though it is 11th in the league in goals allowed with 128.'

Sabres star happy to be honored

You always thought that he could be a guy that could average a point a game, Ruff said. He plays in every situation for us he has had some big games. The numbers are adding up for him, and I think if he can keep that going he can easily set a record for himself.

Erie County hires attorney to prevent Sabres from moving

'“The threat of moving this team is something that we're going to fight and resist at every step of the way,'' county executive Joel Giambra said. “It would be a tremendous injustice to this community from a financial standpoint and psychological (standpoint) to allow this team to leave. “We're going to throw everything but the kitchen sink into our position.'''

Sabres' Gratton to miss two games

'Sabres forward Chris Gratton will miss the next two games because of a mild concussion after scoring four goals in the last three games.'

Sabres C Gratton to miss two games with mild concussion

'Gratton sustained the injury when he was hit in the head with a puck on a faceoff during Saturday's 4-3 loss to the Ottawa Senators. He managed to play in a 5-1 defeat to the Nashville Predators on Monday and scored a goal.'

County's bankruptcy attorney wants Sabres in Buffalo

'Savino, during a Wednesday press briefing, said Pittsburgh makes for a good model to follow. He noted the Sabres have an even stronger case because of a 1995 non-relocation agreement the team signed that binds them to HSBC Arena for another 23 years.'

Satan's an instant All-Star

'One-sixth of Buffalo's roster will take part in All-Star weekend.'

Sabres load getting heavy for Hamister

'He has taken a beating for a bid that, while satisfying the NHL, ticked off taxpayers. People these days don't want to pay for PA systems and parking ramps. Times have changed in the five years since Ralph Wilson stepped to the public trough.'

Giambra Wants Summit Meeting Between Potential Sabres Buyers

'Giambra wants to meet face to face with both men, "These guys have much more money than I do. I have no indication how much they have, how much they're prepared to spend. That's something that I hope that maybe by bringing them together, they could begin to ferret out who's got how much and who's willing to put how much of their money in."'

EC Executive Joel Giambra suggests Hamister-Golisano meeting

'Mark Hamister confirmed this morning he did receive a request and says he would agree to such a meeting, saying, "I am open to sitting down with good people to talk about doing the right thing."'

Golisano Open to Meeting with Hamister, Giambra

'Golisano said he believes Hamister's bid is "in trouble" because of Hamister's reliance on public assistance. The PayChex company founder says he has reduced his offer and is seeking no public money, saying "I don't think taxpayers would be happy about having to subsidize Adelphia."'

Sabres' point streak fizzles out

'"Entertaining Sabres Playoff Notions," read the sign at Buffalo's ESPN2 contest Monday night against the Nashville Predators. Fittingly, there wasn't a single person within 50 feet or several rows of the sign. No one in their right mind would want to claim it based on the Sabres' 5-1 defeat in front of 10,799 surly fans.'

Adelphia creditors delayed Hamister deal

'The delay centers around a list of roughly three dozen conditions that Adelphia's creditors faxed to Hamister late Wednesday. The list came less than 48 hours before Hamister expected to sign his deal to buy the Sabres, several sources revealed Monday.'

iPinocchioi Hamister

'Hamister first claimed a new $5 million sound system would attract more concerts. After realizing how stupid that claim was, he changed his story. The $5 million sound system was really to “enhance the customer experience in the 100 level seats at Sabres games.”'