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Sabres, Rangers battle to draw

'Dumont's goal, scored in the final second of a five-on-three power play, helped keep the Sabres from losing their third straight game of the season against a Rangers team they are growing to hate.'

To his credit, Varada never backed off

'He has always been accountable and refreshingly candid.'

Kozlov fires shots from press box

'He also apologized if his earlier comments, which were broadcast locally before the game, had angered his teammates.'

Rangers make a point

'Until York scored, the Rangers headed toward their third consecutive defeat because of their lack of discipline.'

Late collapse ties up Sabres

'How would the Sabres survive without disgruntled winger Slava Kozlov? The answer, apparently, is no worse than they were doing with him.'

Rangers Put Pieces Together in Tie

'The Rangers could have easily lost their third consecutive game. Richter, who made 47 saves, was the reason they did not.'

Foul Stirs Passion of Rangers and Sabres

'On Monday, after the Rangers' practice, Fleury offered to meet with Ruff to clear the air. "He didn't want to, I guess," Fleury said this morning. "But the offer still stands. I would ask him what he was trying to say. Obviously, he dodged the question this morning. He did a good job."'

Richter Lifts Rangers

'"Richter gets my vote for U.S. Olympic goalie, by the way — he was fabulous," Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff said, unsolicited.'

Ruff Barks Out Defense

'"Yeah, I stand by that, in a sense that I said what I said because a lot of it was Theo's antics on the ice — the chicken dance the game before they came into town," Ruff said, referring to Fleury's taunting of Islanders defenseman Eric Cairns Nov. 8.'

Richter points the way

'There is no telling what place in the standings this Ranger team would occupy if not for the work of Mike Richter.'

Richter Saves Day

'Mike Richter likes to get as much work as he can, but this is a little ridiculous.'

Varada Rips Theo – And It's Personal

'Varada went on to say that Fleury's postgame comments from Nov. 10 – that Varada is out to only injure opposing players – were hurtful and that Fleury's off-ice problems were fair game for discussion.'

Richter allows Rangers to rally to tie Sabres

'Whenever the Rangers get a point they don't think they deserve, Mike Richter is usually the reason they got it.'

Ruff denies shot at Fleury was about abuse woes

'"I know nothing of Theo's personal life. I never mentioned his personal life," Ruff said. "I was aware afterwards that (reporters) can interpret any quote any way you want."'

Rangers 2, Sabres 2

'"Not a lot of guys had legs, and nobody had a good feeling," coach Ron Low said. "But Richter said, 'We'll keep it close.' And we kept it close. We found a way."'