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Short of the goal

'We know how the Sabres fared as a team. Here's how they fared position by position. Reminder: If you're looking for a group of A's, go catch a ballgame in Oakland.'

Hope springs eternal for the true sports fan

'So I stand here and hang up my jersey with its battle scars and memories, and with mixed emotions think about when I can put it on again. Doug may never wear his again, or Donald, or even Dom for that matter. But I will. I'll put mine on again come October.'

Should Hasek stay, Sabres have problem

'A starting goaltender who's among the best to ever stand in the crease. A back-up who started as a rookie and is considered a rising star. An understudy in the minors who will be a starter in the big leagues before long. A college star who oozes potential.'

Gilmour's plans part of off-season intrigue

'"But if I play, I want to play. I wouldn't be asking for 25 minutes a game, but I would want to be some kind of impact player. I couldn't play just 12 or 13 minutes a game. My heart just wouldn't be in it."'

Maple Leafs have little interest in Gilmour

'"I won't comment because I can't," Leafs assistant to the president Bill Watters said, observing tampering rules as unrestricted free agent Gilmour is technically in the employ of the Buffalo Sabres until July 1.'

Gilmour says he isn't retired

'"I am done in Buffalo."'

Gilmour not ready to make it official

'Doug Gilmour is leaving the door ajar to a 19th season in the National Hockey League.'

Sabres forward Doug Gilmour backtracks on retirement, union says

'The NHL Players' Association said Monday he had not yet called it quits and will return to his home in Kingston, Ontario, with his family to enjoy the summer “and ponder whether he will play again next season."'

Will Hasek return?

‘Buffalo has several young goalie prospects in waiting, but there are rumors in the NHL that the Sabres would trade one and captain-in-limbo Michael Peca to the Atlanta Thrashers for the Thrashers’ No.1 pick (the first overall in the NHL) this June.’

Sabres C Gilmour says he has not retired

'But two days later, the NHL Players Association issued a statement saying that Gilmour had not formally retired and was returning to his home in Kingston, Ontario to ponder whether to play next season.'

Get Hasek some help or else turn the page

'Regier has worked past wonders when it comes to roster rehabilitation but not even he can make this team a 2002 Cup contender unless the Adelphia vault opens and the payroll is expanded.'

Gritty Gilmour played with heart of a lion

'"You could knock him down and blacken his eye, but he wouldn't let it die until he'd hit you that one extra shot; until he'd won."'

Goodbye Gilmour, hello Hasek

'Dominik Hasek wants to sit down with Buffalo Sabres' management before announcing his plans for next season, but it appears almost certain that he'll play one more year before retiring to the Czech Republic.'

Forward exits with fury

'In a farewell address that will never be confused with Lou Gehrig's, Gilmour railed against the Empire Sports Network and WNSA, which belong to Adelphia Communications. The Rigas family controls both Adelphia and the Sabres. Gilmour particularly lanced Brian Blessing and Mike Robitaille. They are co-hosts of "Hockey Hotline," a postgame show simulcast on Empire and WNSA.'

Gilmour misses scoring again in his last 'shots' as a Sabre

'"I think we got as much as we could out of Doug." And what was that? A parting shot at Adelphia? An implied shot at the coach? That's about the truth of it. And sometimes the truth hurts.'