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What's up with OLN & Dish Network?

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Comcast owns OLN and in every market where OLN is not in a tiered package that reaches AT LEAST 40 percent of that providers subs OLN is holding back the NHL feed.




I've read that before, but that wasn't necessarily the case.


I didn't get the game on OLN, yet ComCast Sports, which covers Washington & Baltimore sports (Orioles games are on it for example), is channel 35 on my local cable company. OLN is channel 34. Both are included in "basic cable" yet the game wasn't shown. And no, I don't live in a blackout zone for a Sabres/Pens game.


As I posted elsewhere, OLN should stick to bass fishing and snow boarding. At least no one would care when they screw the pooch.

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