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First impressions of Jordan Greenway


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3 hours ago, French Collection said:

They are getting there. There is some talent on the conveyor belt, Savoie, Kulich, Rousek, Rosen, Östlund, Neuchev, Nadeau, Komarov, Cederqvist, Novikov….

The NHL talent on the team is still elevating while the prospect pool is deepening. 

I am often impatient in life but I see this version of the rebuild as having a real chance so I am giving it more time. KA needs to add from the outside, IMO, to plug a few holes and get a skillset or two they don’t have internally. I think a pivot in on ice leadership is needed. They don’t need to pin the C on an incoming guy but get a few guys who have playoff experience and a winning pedigree.


Seeing that list of prospects helps clarify just how far this team has come from the initial stages of rebuild #1.

That team had O'Reilly, Kane, Eichel, Reinhart as the core pieces of the top 6 F's with Fasching, Carrier, Baptiste, and Bailey in the system and Mittelstadt drafted to try to fill out 2-3 scoring lines.

This team has Thompson, Tuch, Skinner, Cozens, Mittelstadt, Quinn, Peterka, and Greenway (with Krebs also in the mix) as core pieces of a top 9 F corps, with Savoie, Kulich, Rousek, Rosen, Östlund, Neuchev, etc to try to supplement those other pieces.

The contrast in depth is stark.

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