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GDT: New Jervils at Buffalo, 11/25/22, 8pm, MSG, WGR.


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16 minutes ago, grinreaper said:

Back in the 70's it was difficult to get a ticket. If I remember correctly there were 10,000 people or so on the waiting list for seasons. I was fortunate to have companies that my company dealt with that would sometimes give them to me. Best seats ever were next to the camera well at center ice in the first row of the reds. Just far enough up to get a great view of the ice and of course center ice gave us both ends. 

Our company president was on the board of the Braves and we had floor tickets whenever we wanted. I remember the Aud Club as having the best beef on wecks that I ever had. 

Our family had a local business. They had 7 tickets -  3 golds and 4 orange.  I worked on Saturdays and got to sit in the orange.  

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6 minutes ago, GASabresIUFAN said:

I’ve moved on from the Sabres tonight.  College football more interesting.


5 minutes ago, Cheektorado said:



4 minutes ago, grinreaper said:


The Sabres are out-manned, out-coached, out-worked and therefore have been out-played.  This Devils team looks much ours back in 2005/6 - relentless.  To bad we don’t play with the same pace.  

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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