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GDT Preseason: Sabres @ Blue Jackets 9/28/2022, 7pm, Sabres.com and WGR


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6 minutes ago, Zamboni said:

I bet other “hockey isn’t THAT important” markets aren’t even offering preseason coverage.
Is Arizona doing first to last game coverage? How about Dallas? Florida? Carolina?

they may be. But I wouldn’t be surprised if those markets aren’t offering TV or steaming of every single preseason game. Maybe not even terrestrial radio for all games either. 



With that said … c’mon Sabres do better with preseason games!

This isn't their coverage; it's the Columbus coverage.

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1 minute ago, Carmel Corn said:

Short-term memory loss here.....did any player from last night's game suit up for this one with CBJ?

I think 4 of them Biro, Cederqvist, Rosen and Weissbach per Sabres.com

1 minute ago, K-9 said:

That’s on Comrie. He saw it all the way.

I think he was hesitant w an free CBJ F in slot w no one on him…..kinda no man’s land situation. Check out replay, one angle shows it…..

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