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Sabres Prospects 2022-2023


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18 minutes ago, Taro T said:


Just a reminder, in Junior Varada had 2 seasons in the mid 80 point range in the relatively low scoring WHL and was scoring at nearly a point per game and nearly 0.5 gpg in his rookie AHL year and then put up 30 goals in 48 games before being brought up for good.

Varada was supposed to be a Varada that could play in the top 6.  Just sayin`.

56 goals in 103 AHL games! If I knew that, I’d forgotten.

I think Poltapov doesn’t backcheck like Varada did and also has some puck hog tendencies.

He sure looks good 1-on-1 in traffic though, with and without the puck. He’ll carry guys on his back while making them want to punch him.


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I'd like to point out that in his heyday, Varada was in our top-6. In the 98-99 playoffs he was 6th among forwards in average ice time because he played on Peca's wing and was on the 2nd PP unit. (He'd be 5th if not for Satan's injury because Cunneyworth got top line minutes in his 2-game stint replacing Miro, although Grosek likely would have had more average time had his back not been busted. Dang, those injuries to Grosek and Satan were irksome...losing 2 out of the 3 scorers on the team... blergh.) Anyway, Varada played more than Sanderson and Barnes. 

The next season Varada was 5th on the team in scoring. Then in the Peca-less season he was again in the top 5 for average ice time among forwards. He didn't score a ton, but it was the deadest of the dead puck era and no one on those teams outside of Satan scored much.

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