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GDT Jan. 15, 2022 7pm: Sabres at Detroit (MSG, WWKB 1520) NOTE RADIO STATION.


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42 minutes ago, Eleven said:

It would be rare for me to choose the Bills over the Sabres and I don't think I have to tonight; I think I can get a viewing setup going for both.

If you're listening on radio, please note that this game is on WWKB 1520 and not on WGR 550 as usual.

You sir are certainly a devoted fan.  Very cool.  
Sabres will always be my favorite team in all sports, but the Bills are a very close second and will have my complete attention tonight.    

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10 minutes ago, bob_sauve28 said:

You can either watch a hockey game or a about 100 tv commercials in between some action. 


Go Sabres, I can tune into the commercials to see if I can catch some football in between the ads 

You never realize how many commercials there are until you record a game and then watch it later. It takes less than an hour to then watch it. Then again 91 of the top 100 watched tv shows were football games. Dang that's impressive and why they own the other major sports. We should be able to catch almost 1/2 the Sabres game before the Bills game starts so you'll be able to tell if it's worth recording and rewatching or not. If Thompson plays it should be an interesting game to see how we match up with another rebuilding team. I'm surprised they didn't inquire about moving the game up at least a couple of hours to not overlap each other.


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