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GDT - Montréal at Buffalo - November 26, 2021 - 7:00 PM EST - MSG and WGR

The Ghost of Doohickie

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1 minute ago, Zamboni said:

He really is a tale of two goalies.

Some nights he looks like flopping Swiss cheese. Other nights he looks like a solid backup. Couldn’t possibly be the opponent faced 😂

The game he got pulled I thought the defense in front of him was awful. He’s a decent goalie. Now, for tomorrow? Is Dell really starting? 

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6 minutes ago, Pimlach said:

Indeed.  He is shooting at the goalie.  

That's what I've been noticing about Skinner too. More and more it looks like his big season was just luck. He doesn't aim his shots or pick his spots at all. Just turn and fire like a blind man. Useless.

Mildly satisfying to see we are not that worst they are (or Arizona maybe). 

Best moment had to be Tage giving him the stare down after the goal following the hit. Enjoyed that. 

nice to win for a change. Even if they lost, more than we won.

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