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Elliot Friedman Interviews Jack's Doc


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Elliot Friedman's 31 Thoughts Podcast has an interview with Jack's doctor.

Why Eichel Wants a Disc Replacement

The doctor makes a strong case for artificial disc replacement.  I understand the Sabres "conservative" position, but it really doesn't make much sense from a timeline perspective and even a performance perspective.   Jack's preferred solution seems ideal.  A bit concerning however, Jack's doctor fails to mention that these discs can break down and cause inflammation and pain later in life, often requiring a cleanup surgery.   Rarely can something this serious have a perfect outcome.  

Jack should have another 50-60 years to live; shouldn't Jack have the right to decide what's right for his own body? 

Maybe like Beasley has threatened to do, maybe Jack will just retire from the Sabres, get his preferred surgery, and then come back in a year or two.  Then the Sabres lose-lose.

Say what you want about Jack as a captain, but he has the right to do what he thinks is right for his own body, and he's not even a crazy pop diva.

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