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OT-Drew Robinson’s Story

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Today I read this story of professional baseball player Drew Robinson’s struggle with mental illness, attempted suicide, and continued recovery.  It was very moving for me.  Just the fact that he survived is crazy.  I’m amazed at both how strong and vulnerable this guy is, as well as how much someone can be struggling without anyone else really knowing.  

He was back playing AAA baseball this week, which is just incredible.

If anyone wants to read his story, I highly recommend it.





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And yesterday Robinson got his first hit and scored his first run since returning.  Congrats.

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And on May 11th, Robinson hit his first HR since returning to pro baseball.  Incredible.  Seriously, dude has one eye.


I hope he makes it back to the major leagues.

Anyone who hasn’t read the links in the OP really should.

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I remember when Drew came up with the Rangers.  He was basically a JAG, not great but definitely not bad.  Glad to see he's still with us.

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