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OT - Glasgow Clan Under Threat

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Petition To Global Mutual (new owners of the Braehead Arena, home of the Glasgow Clan and Paisley Pirates)

If you can spare a few minutes could you possibly visit the above link to sign this petition that may help save my local rink and hockey team.

The previous owner/operator of the ice rink here have went into liquidation. A new owner has taken over, and are considering a change of use for the facilities - used for hockey, curling, public skate, coaching, "on ice" shows like cirque du soleil.

From the link:


"With no current home ice to play out of, and already a huge lack of other local ice facilities in Scotland, a change of arena used by the current ownership Global Mutual is a threat. Not only a threat to the future of a team, that many support and love, but also to a facility that is used by many of the local community via multi ice sports, at all levels, across the area and Central Belt of Scotland. It would be a travesty if we lose access to this facility within our local community which would threaten the existence of a team that brings so much financially to the area on match days via the huge home and away fan bases, as retail tries to recover from the current pandemic.

Over the past 11 years, the Glasgow Clan has been the main tenant in the building at Braehead Arena, with the owner a customer for over 20 years and the Paisley Pirates a tenant for 14 years. Following the collapse of Intu Braehead Leisure in late 2020 the Glasgow Clan have been in negotiations with London-based new owners of Braehead Shopping Centre with the objective of becoming the new operating company of Braehead Arena.

This long-term commitment by the Glasgow Clan to maintain and grow ice sports at Braehead Arena, in addition to ambitious and substantial infrastructure plans for the venue, will secure the future of this facility for the benefit of the local community and surrounding areas. 

We would ask Global Mutual to enter positive discussions imminently with the Glasgow Clan to help secure their future as well as that of the Paisley Pirates, all ice users and the wider community. By providing the current Glasgow Clan organisation with the security of ownership we believe this will secure future access to this premier ice facility for all community users". 



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