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GDT: Sabres at Penguins May 8, 2021 • 3:00PM ET MSG-B, WGR


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55 minutes ago, PASabreFan said:

I have. Mike Wallace asking RaKru for the truth, or something. How could you forget?

MW is LMCMT. It's never been associated with success.


37 minutes ago, Eleven said:

This post is inscrutable.  Can someone translate from Yinzer to English for me?


I believe the translation is...


The Must Win is Loud Metrosexuals Complaining Madly Today. It's never been associated with success.


Seems about right, no?



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Wow that was awesome. 

Loved hearing about how much the players specifically sought out his calls and how inspiring they found them

Cool seeing Briere and Hasek

Drury is a bum 

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Rick said himself the difference between he and Dunleavy, besides the many many obvious others, is that RJ only ever wanted to be here.

That came out in his calls, he was genuinely excited calling the games and I was excited listening to them. 

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